Monday, July 12, 2010

VAMPYR / French-German / 1932

Welcome to Moldie Oldie Monday here at the Dungeon... Today's feature is a surreal Euro look at vampirism from way back in 19 and 32! Alternate titles are NOT AGAINST THE FLESH, VAMPYR- DER TRAUM DES ALLAN GREY, CASTLE OF DOOM and THE VAMPIRE.

Julian West starred in and produced this title, his only venture into film! Weird!!.. I was able to get this decent restored print of the film off TCM. Originally filmed with no sound, dialogue was added later!

Original music is by the prolific Wolfgang Zeller, who had 87 composing credits from 1926-59 with titles like BRIDE 68, QUEEN OF ATLANTIS, THE LOST ATLANTIS, PAN, GOAL IN THE CLOUDS, MORITURI and MY 16 SONS (take that, Fred MacMurray)!

Okay, here's little Dungeon helper, Rufus the Gnat, and he's all excited to push the big red 'GO' button and send our Eariffic Earclip directly to yer awaiting eardrum! So, hit it, Rufus!.. VAMPYR!

Actor/producer Julian West is said to have been as spacey in real life as he was playing the character, Allan Grey!

Allan takes a vacation to a country village outside of Paris, there's a strange feeling in the air...

I thought this guy was pretty damn creepy! Excellent makeup, or, is it?!

The washed out and spotty look of the print was actually done deliberately. Cinematographer Rudolph Matté had accidently opened a can of exposed film, when director Dreyer saw the result he was delighted with the effect. Today, it would be referred to as a 'happy accident!'

Love those two pics!!

One of the infected sisters needs a blood transfusion.

Death is always lingering somewhere in the background!

In this unnerving nightmare sequence, Allan can only watch through a window in the coffin lid as he's taken to his own gravesite for burial!

Even more mysteries are revealed as this grave is exhumed.

Allan and Gisele are caught in an impressionist painting!

And, the old man gets buried with flour at the old flour mill...



RODAN! said...

I have a totally crappy ep vhs copy of VAMPYR I got off Channel 56 out of Orange County in the late eighties. Channel 56 was the home of Morton Downey Jr. and his trash talking TV shows at the time!

Greg Goodsell said...

People say this is a masterpiece but I find it dead boring.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

...i feel as if i were in a windowed coffin peering out at this post, helpless, unable to comment...

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