Friday, July 9, 2010

el TRIUNFO de los CAMPEONES JUSTICIEROS / Mexico + Guatemala - 1974

Welcome everbloody, to Friday Night Drive-In with host Tabonga and li'l Dungeon helper, Ralphie the Tarantula! Tonight's feature is the 3rd and final episode of 'The Champions Of Justice' trilogy, and boy, is it a weird one!! Filmed in Guatemala...

There's a circus backdrop for this alien invasion drama, and features Blue Demon, Superzan, El Fantasma Blanco and Venus! The aliens look like little people but are actually, yes... Bug Eyed Monsters!!

The music is by anybloody's guess, but, it's good! And, Eegah!! has put together a nice slice o' sounds!!!

So, on wif' da show!.. Ralphie sez "time for go to bed!" Wait, no, it's time for our Eariffic Earclip to leave the station, like, RIGHT NOW!!.. el TRIUNFO de los CAMPEONES JUSTICIEROS!

Here are the fearsome invaders from the endless void! Wow...

They employ the use of their normal-sized robot slaves to do all the dirty work. The robot dudes look pretty big when the cameraman shoots from a knealing position.

And, here they are, those well composed Champions Of Justice!

Here are two pics from the circus where the elephant gently steps over a bevy of reclining women, then pretends to almost step on a girl! Fun stuff!!

El Fantasma Blanco and Superzan watch as an alien resorts back to it's original form, a BEM!

The robots shoot at Blue Demon as he chases them in his Cessna.

El Fantasma Blanco and Venus rush to the tower in his white Fiat to help their pal Blue Demon.

What else, the aliens are there!

Time out for a few important messages!

Oh, and here's another important message!

The robots try to do some peeping under the circus bleachers! But, they're stupid and looking in the wrong direction!!

Now, don't mess around Clownie! Take off that outfit, I want it!

Blue Demon sez... "No, really, we need to use this gizmo, look what it does!"

When it comes to using creative colors on crappy sets, the Mexicans win hands down!

Blue Demon uses his gizmo to explode the aliens and send them back to where they belong... Wherever the Hell that is!!

Next Friday = our 1000th post!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

one of my favorites and what a soundtrack! i like it when El Phantasma Blanco turns to mist to spy on that girlie and gets water tossed at him!...

RODAN! said...

When the dudes start melting, reminds me of the 'spore gun' victims in AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.

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