Friday, June 18, 2010

THE KILLER SHREWS In Color / Hollywood Pictures - 1959

Welcome to Friday Night Drive-In here at the Dungeon, with your host Tabonga and his little helper pal, Ralphie the Tarantula! Tonight we have a colorful reprise of the Texan made fifties lo-budget classic THE KILLER SHREWS that we posted originally back in Jan. 8, 2009! Next Friday it will be the other flick made in Grewbeard Country by Hollywood Pictures for a double bill, THE GIANT GILA MONSTER, in color! Those two titles are the only movies Hollywood Pictures ever made!

Legend Films has done a swell job of restoring and colorizing a number of older titles like SHE, THINGS TO COME, PHANTOM FROM SPACE, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!

Tonight's music maestros are Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin, who both had a limited career in music composing, but who both ended up on the soundtrack "Ren & Stimpy 'Adult Party' Cartoon" from 2003!.. Weird.

So, on wif' da show, as they say in filmland... Lil' Ralphie's saying that he's ready to push the old 'GO' button once again, and start our Eariffic Earclip rolling down the lane and into your brain! Here's... THE KILLER SHREWS!

A storm's a comin' so captain James (FRANCIS GOES TO WEST POINT) Best and crewman Judge Henry (MY DOG, BUDDY) Dupree look for cover for their sea cruiser.

For some reason, this scene always gives Tabonga a twitch of vertigo, trying to comprehend it's surreal perspective!..

Boy, it didn't take James long to make friends! 'Rook' stays back with the boat because he don't drink.

Dr. Baines lets James hold a for-really shrew!

As poor old 'Rook' ties the boat up to a tree, he hears some mysterious rustling in the brush!

Unbelievably, they're still hungry!

Looks like some of the stuff Eegah!! and Tabonga made in woodshop back in 1959!

Oh God! Let's hope it didn't!..

Wow, phew!.. That was a close one!!

It looks great as the shrew chews, rips and pulls on this rubber leg!

"Take that, you dirty varmint!"

Sounds cool if you imagine Queeksdraw saying that line!

Ken Curtis did almost entirely westerns, playing the big dumb galoot. This role does not disappoint!

Ken really shouldn't have pointed that rifle at James!.. Look where he ended up!!

Hey, is anybloody to home?!

Portrait of a dead shrew on the living room floor, with gunsmoke.

Some people can hold their booze, and some can't!

Whooz der?..

Ingrid (THE BIG BEAT) Goude can't take much more of this psycho-drama!

If you look closely, you can see Ken's feet up in the air as a pack of killer shrews pounces on his sorry ass!

Getting to the shoreline is fraught with plenty of long sharp teeth!

They make it to the sea and swim to the boat for safety. Luckily, killer shrews don't like water!

That shrew running there looks like Tabonga's old Terrier named, oddly enough, 'Killer!'


Exeter said...

This one is just about as good as "Island of Terror", where what seem to be turtles with cobra necks attack!

Dale Kay's Spookshow said...

I'm grateful for your site, Eegah and Tabonga! I've been watching silently in the background for some time, but thought I should drop some "props" for a site well done.

Blog on, Horror-brothers, blog on.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Dale,
Coming from a horror afficinado like yourself, that's quite a compliment! Thanx!! We appreciate it!!

prof. grewbeard said...

i gotta admit, the color looks good on this one! gorier!

Greg Goodsell said...

Little kids started crying when the supposed good guys had to shoot the barking doggies in this movie!

Eldora said...

What kind of movie is this....even my kid not gonna scare from it, though they got a good concept. 5/10 not more than that.

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