Monday, June 7, 2010

A WALKING NIGHTMARE / Monogram - 1942

Welcome everbloody to Moldie Oldie Monday here at the Dungeon! Today we gots a little cheapie from Monogram Pictures, A WALKING NIGHTMARE aka THE LIVING GHOST and directed by Dungeon heavyweight, William Beaudine!

Tagline reads "SPOOK CHASER... A reckless sleuth follows the trail of a white ZOMBIE!"

The story is about n ex-detective called out of retirement to investigate a recent kidnapping. Once on the job, one of the suspects gets a "paralyzed brain" and becomes a zombie-like hulk. Oh and, there's murder in the air, too!

Frank Sanucci gets the credit as musical director, so it's all stock music from Monogram's extensive library... And, it sounds like it, as you'll notice while you listen to today's Eariffic Earclip from Eegah!!

Lil' Rufus is in the room which means only one thing, time for the show!! Rufus came up with our soundclip's Twisted Title today! Hit the button Rufus!!.. LIVING NIGHTMARE vs WALKING GHOST!

We're looking for Brother Nick Trayne, The Sympathetic Ear!.. And, here it is! Can't miss it.

An ex-detective has to do what an ex-detective has to do! Whatta schtick!

Second bananas James Dunn and Joan Woodbury get to star in this lil' horror flick as Nick Trayne and Billie Hilton. Billie hires Nick to help her solve a weird mystery going on at her place.

Nick gets nowhere fast, talking with this old biddie!

The look on Nick's face is priceless as the doctor tries to explain a theory about zombies!

You know an out of tune piano when you hear it!

And, speaking of out of tune... Billie wears that weird looking striped outfit the same way John Agar wore that striped circus jacket in DAUGHTER OF DR. JEKYLL, too much! Costume director needs to be fired!

Nick and Billie get a lead and go to 547 Lansdale St.

Those damned coo-coo clocks!.. Jeez!!

The dude with the "paralyzed brain!"

Wow, they actually left this in the print! Cool!!

Each suspect has to record their voice because Nick came up with a way to identify the killer.

Okay, you guys think you're sho schmart, do ya!

Ahhh, young love, how sweet thou art!..

As always, the cop gets the last word!


ufo said...

Tabonga, it doesn't matter to me what flick you Ralphie and Rufus(lil' Pifster) review....your play-by-play never fails to get me laughing.
Who would caption a frame with the address of where our 'stars' are headed to? It is unimportant info from a forgotten film, and it is also a leap with just ehough oddball on it to make me crack up!
Good stuff,
Please continue!

TABONGA! said...

UFO - Thanks for your comment. Don't worry, there's no stopping that train!

Anonymous said...

I loves me some Joan Woodbury!!

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Monster Music
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