Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello everbloody and welcome to Friday Night Drive-In here at The Dungeon, with Tabonga and lil' pet helper Tarantula, Ralphie! Tonight's feature is a wild and crazy horror thriller starring one of our favorites, Mr. Paul Naschy!!

Here's the original Spanish 1 sheet from Paul's 5th outing as Waldemar Daninsky, The Wolfman!

Plot from the back of a DVD case... "While traveling in the mountains, a man is attacked by a mysterious creature that promptly departs, leaving no trace of its presence. Unbeknownst to the man, he has been attacked by a werewolf and now he's inherited the curse associated with such creatures. He must race against time to rid himself of this dreadful affliction before the next full moon."

The music was done by Ángel Arteaga and Ana Satrova. Ángel ended up with 89 to Ana's 10 composing credits from 1964-84, neither of them did many horror movies but their stuff sounds quite good as you will soon hear for yerself!

And, here to press the big red 'GO' button is our good lil' Dungeon fiend, Ralphie, the freaky 4-Eyed Tarantula with a copter beany... He's oldschool!

Squeek, squeek!..

You're welcome!.. So, without further adieu, here tonight's Eariffic Earclip... THE PLYMOUTH FURY OF THE WOLFMAN!

And, when the moon is full...

A man turns into a wolf!

I love this still!!

Here's Paul taking a nap between takes!

What?..... WHAT?!!

Lots of interesting characters, here's Pastey Face!

In this flick, the gurls call all the shots!

Tabonga will tell you straight up, Perla Cristal as Dr. Ilona Elmann is one effing ROYAL BITCH!! Here she whips the tar out of Paul, who's chained up and can't defend himself!

Two very cool shots of The Wolfman!


Actually, it's a house full of freaks!

Dr. Elmann has plans for Paul's... Anyway, Tabonga think you can figure it out!

Paul don't really wanna be a daddy at this time in his life!

Paul attacks the doctor, but she shoots him right where it hurts the most!

What's the point?..

I know, we've seen a lot of bad stuff here, but, let's just try and forget about it, okay?..

Oh, look! What a beautiful day it is!!

PS - Make sure and check out the next 2 weeks of Friday Night Drive-In!! Next Friday Night is THE KILLER SHREWS in Color, then on the following Friday Night, THE GIANT GILA MONSTER in Color! Oh, hell yeah!.. Be there or be square!!


Christopher said...

stop whipping makes me FURIOUS!

prof. grewbeard said...

thought i'd seen this one, apparently i have not!

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