Wednesday, February 10, 2010

THE MONSTER WALKS / Astor Pictures - 1932

Greetings from the Dungeon, here, on another Wednesday Oldie-Moldie Flicktime Night from some Old Dark House with another Ape in the basement! Monkeys and Apes scared the be-jesus out of people back then! Unpredictible, tricky, quick and strong!!

Music department credits go to Jean de la Roche, Charles Dunworth and Lee Zahler. Since there's not much music in the movie, today's soundclip is mostly dialogue from this low budget Astor production. Besides that, it's off base when it comes to dialogue by black actor, Willie Best, who used the stage name 'Sleep 'n' Eat' in five features, if you can believe that!

Li'l Piff The Gnat showing Tabonga his tiny little muscle getting ready to push big old red 'GO' button and start today 'earrific' show, so!.. Ta da... THE MONSTER WALKS!

Whoa, the real Addams Family! So, here is plot, famous doctor die and leave estate to daughter. The Addams Family there, relatives and servants, thinking of way to bump her off and keep place for selves!

They have secret weapon in basement, Yogi the Chimp!

Daughter Ruth, Vera Reynolds and fiancee Dr. Clayton, Rex Lease, show up for reading of will.

Chauffer Exodus getting the lowdown... The dead body's on the second floor!

"Well, I'll sleep in the cellar, then..."

Willie Best has 122 acting credits that include UP POPS THE DEVIL, THE NITWITS, HOT TIP, DOG BLIGHT, MUSS 'EM UP, SILLY BILLIES, MURDER ON A BRIDAL PATH, MUMMY'S BOYS, GENERAL SPANKY, CRASHING HOLLYWOOD, BLONDIE, NANCY DREW... TROUBLE SHOOTER, MR. MOTO TAKES A VACATION, AT THE CIRCUS, THE GHOST BREAKERS, 'THE SMILING GHOST,' CINDERELLA SWINGS IT, THE MONSTER AND THE APE, JIGGS AND MAGGIE IN JACKPOT JITTERS! The names of a few characters he played are George, Luftus, Dizzy Memphis, Buckshot, Sleepy, Apollo, Excitement, High Pockets, Smokie, Catfish, Brass, Warts, McTavish, Jughead, Hannibal, Bunny, Redcap, Duke, Sunshine and many more! Now, that's cool!!

I feel like we're being watched!

Oh, come now, you're just being silly!

Dr. Clayton gots lousy peripheral vision, he need to see eye doctor, quick!!

Hey, not really that hot!

Wait just a ding-dong minute, not fair!.. Monster arms popping out from behind pillows, a real nightmare!!

Then, Exodus get tripped up by tricky old bear tooth!!

Lurch like to play violin for comfort...

People who pass by his studio can see him playing away, so, when they hear violin music, they always know where he is, right?!..

Then, wrong person get killed!

So, Lurch gonna have to get even! Hey, watch your hand!! It tickles!

Good guy find record player playing violin music... Game over, Lurch!

See, whip ape into frenzy, then, let go on gurl! Simple, ape kill the gurl!

But, wait! Ape grab whip and start pulling!.. Hey, let go!!

Guess what? Ha ha... Whip wrap around wrist and Lurch can't get infernal thing off!! HEEEELP!..

...MISTER WIZZZ.. choke, gasp!!!

Yogi The Chimp is the hero! Hur-ray for Yogi, The Chimp!!

Willie gets the last word, as should be, here, at The Dungeon... Goodnight, everbloody!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i love the bit where some guy asks Willie-

"do you have a gun?"

"yes, suh!"

"is it in the car?"

(pulls out huge pistol)"no suh, i got it right here!"

Christopher said...


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Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yo 7T,

Thanx for the offer, but we've got our hands full here already, and we're stuck in the past with no hope of escaping!

Unknown said...

Very funny captions and great writing! I review old horror movies including, "The Monster Walks". I was wondering if you still do this, and whether you could follow my blog? If so, I'll follow you back. Keep up the hilarity!

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Monster Music
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