Friday, February 12, 2010

GEZORA, GANIME, KAMEBA: KESSEN! NANKAI NO DALKAIGÛ - Akira Ifukube - "The Space Amoeba" (1970)

Tonight's feature film is dedicated to Professor Grewbeard, the reason will be revealed in time, but for the moment, let's talk some Kaiju!!! Also known as "Yog: Monster From Space," this is another in the long line of films from director Ishirô Honda utilizing the musical talents of the master Akira Ifukube!!!

This is why it's called "The Space Amoeba," and it's coming to getcha!!

And why not, when on Earth, all you have is a bunch of money grubbing greedy ass land developers with bigshot ideas who want to "pave paradise and put in a parking lot!"

H E Y!!!!!!

The star of this movie is this octopus/cuttlefish/use your imagination like creature GEZORA!!!

GEZORA is one big bad Mofo, and the cool deal is, it's not confined to the water, and it's got legs, so it's extra hard to get away from!

GEZORA is kind of big and bouncey with tentacles flailing all over the place, and it looks kind of cuddly, but watch out, it's got a mean streak!!

Next up is GANIME, the giant lobster guy who also can get out of the water and cruise around on terra firma!

Did I neglect to mention there were also humans in this film? They are sometimes put to good use when there is an opportinity for a cool shot like this!

I couldn't possibly think of a better time than when giant monsters are ravaging your little island home to have a massive wedding ceremony, can you??

Yeah, you could have probably second guessed the results!! It just wasn't in the stars!!

And last, but not least, here's KAMEBA, the family dog, or he could possibly be a second cousin on the father's side to GAMERA! One of the two!

"I hope you understand, I just got to get back to the islands!"

Kenji Sahara, here as Makoto Obata being taken over by "The Space Amoeba," came in second place in a "Mr. Ordinary" contest in 1953!

He's got a lot more power and strength as "The Space Amoeba" and once properly innoculated, he probably could have leaped tall bulings in a single bound, if there were any around!

Kenji Sahara has the honourable distinction of having been in more Godzilla movies than any other actor! He was also a regular in every episode of Ultra Q and also popped up in Ultra Seven, Return of Ultraman & Jumborg Ace.

Yog, "The Space Amoeba" has weapons stronger than anything ever seen before on Earth! These little sticks are actually capable of making fire, and beginning the total destruction of our whole planet! Is that crazy or what?

Cute no matter what the circumstances, Atsuko Takahashi in her last role, as Ayako Hoshino, pleads with Obato to come back from the dark side!

Okay, okay, I'll do it, I'll do it, just stop that incessant whining!!

I forgot to tell you about the Bats!!

GANIME and KAMEBA bring new meaning to "Rumble in the Jungle," and what a fierce battle it was, rolling and tumblin' all over the place!!

I do believe GANIME has got some sand flea DNA mixed in with that lobster!

Good-bye Ya'll, have a good weekend!!!♥


TABONGA! said...


Prof. Grewbeard said...

thanx for the dedication, you know kaiju & i are klose! i can remember drawing pictures of Kameba when i was a kid...

i don't recall Kenji Shara being in any episodes of Ultraman, but he was our hero in every episode of Ultra Q and also popped up in Ultra Seven, Return of Ultraman & Jumborg Ace, among others no doubt.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I knew this would be the one time I'd F something up, and I'll take your word over the IMDB's any time, that's what I get for believing something I read without doing my research completely! It gives me an Impulse to do something irrational! Thanx Bro!

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