Saturday, February 6, 2010


"You'll scream yourself into a state of shock!" screams the tagline from this very special Al Adamsom film!

In keeping with our 'Blood' theme from yesterday, here's today's Dungeon feature...

Al aquired b/w footage from a 1965 Philippine production, shot his footage in 1966, and released HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS in 1970. It had to take at least four years to put this puzzle together!!!.. A few alternate titles are VAMPIRE MEN OF THE LOST PLANET, SPACE MISSION TO THE LOST PLANET and BLOOD CREATURES FROM THE PREHISTORIC PLANET!!

They needed an explanation for coloring the Philippine footage, so's, ladies and gentlemen, may I present, ta da...

That's right, 'SPECTRUM-X' - Almost sounds like something cool!

The credits artwork kicks ass! Same guys who did the 'Blood Island' movies credit art. That's the narrator there behind Al's credit! Mike Velarde, who worked out of the Philippines, gets the music composer credits, but it sounds like Al added some local LA dudes for the smokin' music at the beginning in today's audiobyte... So, anyway, here's Tabonga!

Hello, everbloody, welcome to Saturday Wild an' Wooly Flicktime Matinee at the Dungeon!.. Eegah!! really give us one great 'earrific' soundclip for you an' Tabonga' enjoyment. Ralphie The Tarantula iz in da' house, anxious to push that big old red 'GO' button to start another Dungeon Delite Soundclip rolling home! So, HIT IT!!.. HORROR OF THE BLOODY MONSTERS!!

Here is Al in all his glory, part of a pack of vampire running amok on Earth, infecting everbloody with germ from some lost planet, out there!..

Hooker vampire, best way to go!

Boy, Al, really dorky!!

Okay, so, they in space now, in Goodship Lollipop... Err, no, Tabonga mean Spaceship XB-13! What the hell is dude looking at?

Here is shot to prove they in a spaceship, somewhere in space. Borrowed from THE WIZARD OF MARS...

"Go right!"

John is playing latest video game for space jockeys!

Now we lookin' at colorized satellite from WAR OF THE SATELLITES clip, 1958!


John trying to get away from all the bad actor that Al "hired." They getting him all mixed up!

Shot that save 15 million dollar! You think there is spaceship there, but, there is not!!! Save 15 million dollar!!! Distraction bonus, curvacious babe in white cheerleader boot coming down ladder that you borrow from neighbor!

Very strange, but, they have to make emergency landing on nearest planet, and, planet is Lost Planet they looking for!! How lucky is that?!

They go exploring an' find dinosaur and mammoth clip from ONE MILLION B. C.

How embarrassing, pretending you not holding 7 year old nephew's toy 'pop gun!'

...Especially when you going up against these guy!

Horny Earth dude gots a problem!

Look like Lost Planet Gurlies can take care of self, though!

Okay, time for some fun!..

You don't have to tell me twice, Dr. Studs Longtitude! Hey, does that machine of yours go up to 11?

Lemme check... Sorry, no!


Here's Robert (BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE) Dix, son of actor Richard (THE TRANSATLANTIC TUNNEL) Dix. He was Crewman Grey, one of the physically superior crewmen that manned the classic space cruiser C-57-D in FORBIDDEN PLANET!

Set designer very creative, Al give him budget of $27.38!!

...What else you were expecting?!


C'mon, seven eleven!.. Daddy needs a new pair o' shoes!

Dude, we just saved another 15 million dollars!!! That's a freaking total savings of 30 million dollars on just two shots!!.. DAMN!!

"This was a highly civilized and brilliant society at one time. It wasn't enough for them. Not only did they have to acknowledge having such weapons...they had to use them. I have no doubt we'll be equally brilliant one day."


Oh boy, you take hood ornament off Oldsmobile 'Rocket 88' and add model parts for one, swell looking... spaceship?

Next stops are Tarzana, Azusa and Kook-amunga!.. Thank you for flying Adamson Spacelines!


'Nuf said?!..


Prof. Grewbeard said...

ya'll had fun with this one, didn't you?...

Christopher said...

another one that got alot of telly airplay with Frankenstein's BLOODY tewah!..You've not experianced full TV dissapointment till you've seen these on reg'lar tv with all the cuts..

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

What a joy it is to be able to revive some of your worst memories!

Christopher said...

back then you could go to the Drive-in and catch the same film somewhere in 3rd or 4th billing..

buzz said...

This is one of those movies that looks like it was thrown together over a single weekend. It's got a weird little charm to it; not very good, but certainly amusing.

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