Sunday, August 3, 2008

TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN / AIP - 1957 / Music by Paul Dunlap

Here we are again with Paul Dunlap at the musical helm. And, tonight's classic selection really says 'monster!' Shocking stuff for '57. So, here's the excellent theme, some instrumental music at 'make out point,' my favorite, when Frankie breaks into the girl's room, and, some action with screams!.. TEENAGE FRANKIE

Whenever you see this, you know its the British version and it usually has a different title than the American film. The British movie NIGHT OF THE DEMON was released in the US as CURSE OF THE DEMON. AIP's INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN was shown in Britain as INVASION OF THE HELL CREATURES!

And, that's why this title card doesn't say... I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN!

"I saw some kid go flying through the air! I think he landed over there!"

Whit Bissell and Robert Burton take advantage of the situation and steal the body before the cops get there!

Here, with Phyllis Coates, Whit is as creepy and cold-hearted as Michael Gough when it comes to love with the opposite sex! One interesting note is that Whit is also the mad scientist in I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF!

Whit's new toy, Gary Conway!

About 3 seconds earlier, Whit slaps the crap out of Phyllis, for real!!.. He's a pretty macho dude!

Curious about Whit's activities, Phyllis screws up and has a key made to find out what's going on inside the lab.

This is what's going on!!.. YOW!!

Whit locks Phyllis in with the monster and, so, she gets thrown into... That's right!... An ALLIGATOR PIT!!

Monsters are fairly inquisitive!

And, there's nothing more interesting than a hot chick in lingerie, no matter what you are!.. Ask Tabonga!!

Frankie just want a little kiss!.. Why girl run?!

Whit and Gary go out looking for a new head! They find one, its Gary Conway's!

Of course, the cops can't figure anything out!

Whit has big plans for Gary, he wants to cut him up and transport him to England where he can, then, reassemble him and continue his twisted research!..

Gary has a violent tantrum (seriously, a tantrum!) and throws Whit into the alligator pit! Then, he gets caught up in the electrical circuits and turns the film color as he fries! He slumps down, dead...

The cops finally show up, late, and Robert Burton tells 'em... "I'll never forget that face!"

And, the alligator gets dessert!.. Whit Bissell!!

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buzz said...

"Speak up! You have a civil tongue in your head. I know, I sewed it in there."
-- Whit Bissel's ad lib that made it into the final cut of the film.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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