Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS / Universal - 1958 / Stock Music by 8 Composers

Guess what?!.. Tabonga took the night off, so Rodan'll present the first (and only) 'Tuesday Night Classic!' - MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS.

That's right, 8 composers contributed to this soundtrack! But, that includes William Lava, Herman Stein and Henry Mancini!! All uncredited.

Best of the best title card!!

Everything's perfect, what could possibly go wrong?!

And, a freakin' '58 DESOTO!

WHOA!.. What's!.. All... This?..

Hey, how rude!!

Looks like Arthur had one too many and got in a scrap!!

But, here's the real culprit!.. This weird primitive fish was irradiated with gamma rays to preserve it and Arthur was accidently bitten in the hand while handling it!

Quite a line up in this still. Whit Bissell and Arthur Franz in a Universal movie and Troy Donahue playing... Ready?!.. Jimmy Flanders! Rawk! Rawk! Rawk!

Shhh!.. Quiet!.. Do you hear that sound?!

One of the best moments in monsterdom!.. The giant dragonfly!


The dragonfly had lit and fed on the fish, so, got a dose of prehistoric serum like the professor!

Arthur hates to, but, stabs the thing! It later returns to it's small size.

Game over, man!!

This make-up by Bud Westmore ain't bad, but, it's a mask! The guy's the very best, check out his credits sometime, impressive!!

But, here at the Dungeon, we like to feast on this little scene where Cave-Boy (played by Eddie Parker) grooves out on the ax before he uses it to bash out a window and escape! Moments later, he will toss it at the Park Ranger and bury it in the poor guy's skull!! Wow, real pre-code comic imagery!


KRENG said...

very nice one!

Flu-Bird said...

Saw this movie when it was still going to grammer school the big freaking caveman and weilding the hatchet and i think a dog was infected as well turned into a dire wolf

TC said...

IIUC, they used the same make-up or mask design for Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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