Monday, August 11, 2008

SANGRE DE VIRGENES (Il Sangue Delle Vergini)(Blood Of The Virgins) - Victor Buchino - "Red Horror In The Clubs" (1967)

Wow! This is one movie that was really off my radar. You can thank Tabonga and his keen sense of bad taste to sniff out something like "Il Sangue Delle Vergini" or whatever you want to call it! This 1967 Argentinian soft-core vampire flick is unstable and very weird, even by our meager standards, but the music by the very talented Victor Buchino is above reproach! Victor and his Orchestra have a long list of cinematic credits and worked with various Tango artistes like Susy Leiva on the single "La Cancion De Buenos Aires" and Edmundo Rivero who was also known as "El Feo!" Victor had an uncanny feel for jazz/lounge/pop too, and we'll probably sneak in the music from his 1971 effort, "La Venganza Del Sexo" or "The Curious Dr. Humpp" before this is over, even though it's out of our range, because the music was so damn good!

So here we're treated to a full-fledged scary opening with thunder and creaking shutters, and then about 6 minutes into the film, the swinging cast takes off on what seems like an endless cross country musical orgy.

Most of the cuts in the music aren't mine, as the scene changes rapidly from boat, to ski lodge, and one swingin' club to the next!

It's just a 1967 Argentine Psycho Freakout Rave Up, pure and simple!!! These people are party monsters no doubt!! The rest of the movie is full of them getting their bare breasts molested by the resident vampire along with other nefarious acts!

As our mentor Forrest J. Ackerman would say, "This film is quite titillating to be sure!!"

Uh-Oh!!! Busted!!! You're in the deep stuff now Vampire Buddy!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

BLOOD OF THE VIRGINS is one of handful of Argentinian horror movies, and is in a deluxe DVD edition courtesy of Mondo Macabro. Check it out .....

KRENG said...

Another beautiful addition to my scream-collection! Very nice shot.

Thanks Greg!

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