Friday, August 22, 2008

THE EYE CREATURES - Baxter/Stein - "Crazy Kids" (1965)

Roll Film!!!! We've written just about all we can about "The Eye Creatures" already, and you can read more about the merry misadventures of Larry Buchanan and friends by following one of the links below:

The Eye Creatures - "When You Start Talking Turkey"

"The Eye Creatures - "Recycled Rock"

But one little bit we forgot to include is the ending where some very sleazelounge music competes with that oh so famous voice of the 31 year old John Ashley saying, "After all, we're just a couple of "Crazy Kids"!

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Lacey said...

Another 60s remake of a 50s b&w classic.

It is fortunate that they did this though. Otherwise a lot of these films would never have survived.

Thanks for the posts and keep those cameras rolling.

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