Saturday, September 8, 2007

DER FALL X701 (Frozen Alive) - Eric Spear- "I'm Laughing On The Outside" (1964)

Well, we don't know who is singing this song, but we do know he has a mask on, and stays mostly in the shadows, before moving into the background dead center between the two main principal characters in the scene, then he disappears. Hours of research, no answers, here's guessing we're on the outside too. Interesting piece of filmography to be sure, let's just chaulk it up to 1960's West Germany movie making at it's best, hell, maybe masked lounge singers were all the rage back then, an interesting concept to be sure, but if so, where's Tonto?? Composer Eric Spear sets the mood to perfection once again! Sehr gut!

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Greg Goodsell said...

Oh, for some bubbly and a willowly blonde!

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Monster Music
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