Monday, September 10, 2007

CIRCUS OF HORRORS - Garry Mills - "Look For A Star" (1960)

"Circus Of Horrors," always thought that was such a great title, & this movie looks astounding, beautifully shot in rich vibrant colour way back in 1960. This song is very uplifting and played more than a couple of times in the film. Why you should want to feel good in the middle of this scarface death orgy is beyond us, but go ahead & feel good anyway, the circus is in town and "look for a star" already, we're running out of time here! Here's two versions, one has an extra intro and some dialogue for your entertainment!

Look For A Star
Look For A Star With Dialogue

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Greg Goodsell said...

Best scene: Anton Differing looking at the little Heidi girl with the scar on her face and he says, "Isn't this an EXCITING face?"

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Monster Music
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