Friday, November 8, 2019

WOODY WOODPECKER / Woodpecker From Mars - 1956

Heute wir gots a cool little cartoon I used to watch on The Woody Woodpecker Show back in the day, when Eegah!! and I were just little guys in the third grade! Load that one in your pipe!! Anyway, Woody's a guest on the Captain Zoom Show, where he walks off with a space helmet and space gun as souvenirs. He pretends to be from Mars which causes a pile of trouble, and is then captured by the military. He's sent to an atomic laboratory for testing and convinces the scientists that he's a real Martian, so they put him in a rocket and send him 'back' to Mars!!

On the set, Captain Zoom shows Woody all of the interesting things about his space ship and the groovy things it can do. After the Captain let's Woody put on a space helmet and use his space gun, well...

Woody takes off on a scooter, shooting sparks from his gun!

After he causes a taxi to crash, the hub cap pops off of the tire and it spins away, scooping Woody up and into the air!

Well, the citizens are in a panic and something has to be done!!..

The Mayor goes on TV to tell the people... Whatever you do, DON'T PANIC!!

After Woody lands, the crowd surrounds him. He shoots some sparks from his gun and the people scatter like flies.

And of course, the military shows up and they take him away.

Woody's taken to the atomic science lab, where, he goes through some medical tests.

While a doctor views one of Woody's feathers, the little prankster puts a water hose on the viewer and turns it on full blast!

The doc gets an atomic shock and then Woody pulls the lever when he's in the Atom Smasher!

There's only one solution to the problem and they put him in an express rocket to Mars!

Woody crash lands on the red planet where he's surrounded by green Martians, and wouldn't you know it...

He's swept away by Martian military police and taken to their atomic lab for more tests!.. Okay, tune in tomorrow where we'll bring you more, from, The Dungeon!!..

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