Friday, June 7, 2019

THE THREE STOOGES / A Plumbing We Will Go - 1940

Time for some laffs... Here's a hilarious episode where the boys try their hand at plumbing, and, you know things will turn out for the worse when the Stooges show up at the house of some wealthy party goers to fix a small water leak!

It all begins in court, the Stooges are accused of stealing chickens, but, the judge lets them go because of flimsy evidence even though Curly's jacket was filled with chicken feathers!

The boys are a little jumpy when it comes to cops, even a mannequin!

Having to escape from the cops again, they hide in a magician's magic box, which makes the crowd laff at their silly escapades. The magician's like, what the Hell?

Still running from the cops, the boys commandeer Casey The Plumber's truck and the cop ends up in a cement trough!

They stop when a butler flags them down, they're late! The boys are ready to get to work and earn some cash. The first thing Larry does is put a hole in the heater duct!

It's not too hard to figure out where this is headed!

Curly's upstairs in the bathroom. he has piped himself into a corner so the speak. So, he drills a hole in the floor, then falls into the basement, scaring Moe!

Moe tells Curly to get more pipes! So, he finds some electrical piping that then causes a whole new host of problems, like here in the kitchen!

This is 1940, so, it's amazing to have a television set. She turns it on, and...

Oh, what a wonder, isn't it great to watch Niagara Falls on the television!..

Anyway, it's time for the boys to move on after causing a ton of trouble.

The magician is performing outside the mansion, the Stooges run out of the magic box followed by the police and then motorcycle cops. A perfect Stooge ending. Tune in tomorrow when we return with something special, just for you!..


Anonymous said...

It was remade twice, as "Vagabond Loafers" and "Scheming Schemers," both with Shemp.

Anonymous said...

When the rich lady is adjusting the TV, she tells her guests, "I'll get it in a minute." And she does.

TABONGA! said...

Thanks for the extra info Anon, always welcomed!

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