Friday, June 14, 2019

ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL / Republic 12 Chapter Serial - 1941

In today's thrilling serial, on a scientific expedition to Siam, young Billy Batson is given the ability to change himself into the super-powered Captain Marvel by the Wizard Shazam, who tells him his powers will last only as long as the Golden Scorpion idol is threatened. After finding the idol, the scientists realize it could be the most powerful weapon in the world and so they remove the lenses that energize it, distributing them among themselves so that no one would be able to use the idol by himself! Back in the US, Billy Batson, as Captain Marvel, wages a battle against an evil hooded figure, the Scorpion, who hopes to accumulate all five lenses, thereby gaining control of the super-powerful weapon...

Stars are Tom (THE PHANTOM) Tyler, Frank (MEN OF BOY TOWN) Coghlan Jr., William 'Billy' (THE MAGNETIC MONSTER) Benedict and Louise (CITIZEN KANE - lived to be 100!) Currie

Here are our main characters...

And, who is The Scorpion?..

Inside a tomb in Siam, young Billy Batson meets the Wizard Shazam, who gives him the guise of the superman, Captain Marvel, to combat the criminals in search of The Golden Scorpion and its awesome powers.

Now, here are some 'next week' chapter title cards...

Those are some great titles!!

Here's The Scorpion with his cohort, discussing ways to to get all the lenses to The Golden Scorpion in their possession, and wreak even more havoc!

Through all 12 chapters, Captain Marvel confronts a bevy of evil traps!

There's always confusion as to who's a good guy and who's a bad guy!

Whitey calls Billy on the radio and warns him of a bomb in his airplane, Billy sez "Shazam" and turns into Captain Marvel and jumps out just before the plane explodes!

Captain Marvel is one strong mofo, the bad guys drop an engine on him, he catches it and tosses it like it's nothing! This is one of the funniest parts in Firesign Theatre's J-MEN FOREVER! So, check in tomorrow as Eegah!! gives it his all to bring you something special... Good Luck!

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