Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GOONLAND - Sammy Tinberg - Lou Fleischer - "Goon Squad" (1938)

Not only is "Goonland" one of my favourite Popeye cartoons, it's one of my favourite cartoons period!

I will never ever get over the fact that they were able to create cartoons this amazing and there's only credits for four guys! Today with computers and all the extra gizmos at their disposal, it still takes a minimum of 100 people!

Popeye is off at sea merrily, merrily sailing around with no attachments and no real problems! He's on the way to try and locate his lost Pappy!

Next stop, "Goon Island" where it's all work, and no play, and humans aren't welcome!

It's at this point that the insidiously twisted Goon theme song kicks in, and if you get this sucker stuck in your head, you might just turn into a goon yourself! Popeye's muttering to himself the whole time is hilarious! The only song worse than this to get stuck in your head is Glen Armstrong's "When The Lion Lies Down With The Lamborghini!" The music was created by Lou Fleischer and Sammy Timberg who between the two of them have something like 543 credits! What a bunch of slackers!

In an an attempt to blend in, Popeye elongates his face to look like one of the goons!

Pappy is being held captive and whiles away the hours by playing checkers with himself! He doesn't really want to be rescued, because he doesn't like people anyway! Jack Mercer does the voices for both Popeye and Pappy!!

Popeye gets captured by the goons, and looks like a goner for sure!

During the tussle with the goons, Popeye's can of spinach gets dislodged and rolls over toward Pappy's cell! If he can just gets his hands on it, he might be able to save his baby boy! I love the details on Goon Island like the trim around that doorway!

The goons are pretty upset with Popeye, so they're going to drop a ginormous boulder on him!

Pappy gets the spinach just in time to rescue Popeye, but the goons are not amused!

After 40 years of not seeing each other, could this possibly be the end? Oh, Hell no!

Just in the nick of time, the film breaks, leaving Popeye and Pappy dangling precariously!

The film editor has to piece it back together again!

The show must go on, so he clips it together with a safety pin!

Just like a buttload of other cool stuff, "Goonland" can be downloaded for free over at the always amazing Internet Archive, and that's an order!!

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TABONGA! said...

I have every Fleischer Popeye from 1933 to 1943 in perfect order on 8 discs in 3 volumes, it's freaking awesome! You can score them on Amazon for a very good price..

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