Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 BAMBOLE PER LA LUNA D'AGOSTO - Il Balletto di Bronzo - "5 Dolls For An August Moon" (1970)

When I saved the short sound file for "5 Dolls For An August Moon," I named it "Crazy Ass Mario Bava Movie," and now as I'm writing this, I haven't changed my mind one bit!

It's Mario ("Black Sunday," "Hercules In The Haunted World," "Blood And Black Lace," "Planet Of The Vampires") Bava! Basically, the man can do no wrong, and when he does, it's still 7 times better than anything else you're likely to see!

Just got a new stylus for my turntable! I thought it was going to be impossible to find, but actually it was cheap and easy, so let's put it in the groove for the 60's Italian prog band Il Balletto di Bronzo and their contribution to some of the score for this movie!

Sometimes when the going gets rough, you just feel like a Mai-Tai!

Guess what Brainiac, it's a knife!

There's an island and the people who were invited there for the weekend are getting killed off, one by one!!

And you don't know who it was!! It's a question and a statement!

Nice place to die!! - Where?

Pushin' Th' Little White Daisies Up!!

Oh, My! He's been stabbed! What shall we do??

This movie is basically another takeoff on Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians!" Keyword: Hairy Chest!

Not knowing what else to do, they stash the bodies in a large walk-in meat refridgemirator!

Mario Bava has a great eye for cinematography, in fact, he has two great eyes, and this shot is a testament to both of them!

No, kids! Smoking still isn't cool, even if you go the extra suave route, and use your dirty feet! How about a pack of Toe-Jam Menthol Lights for your pleasure?

One by one, the bodies keep piling up or hanging around, as it were!!

In the not so distant past, this reel to reel tape recorder was state of the art super high tech stuff!

It's almost New Year's Eve, What the Hell!?     CHEERS!!!

......and that is exactly the same way I saw it too! Most of the time it doesn't really pay to be mean, so as The Youngblood's said, "C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try and love one another right now!" RIGHT! ...."this court finds you responsible!"


James Gracey said...

Apparently Mr Bava didn't really dig the script for this, so he just had a ball with the visuals. And what a beautiful looking film. Some glorious cinematography; those shots of the marbles bouncing down the stairs into the Jacuzzi with the corpse are just breathtaking.

Eegah!! said...

My sentiments exactactly James!

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