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GOLDFACE, IL FANTASTICO SUPERMAN - Franco Pisano/Piero Umiliani - "Nadie Podía Salvar A La Humanidad En Peligro Excepto Él. Ni Todo Un Ejército Podía Contra Su Voluntad Y Su Fuerza. Por Eso Era Llamado... El Fantástico Superman" (1967)

I'm heading to Vegas to see Steely Dan on Friday, so I need to get some work done here, so without further delay, here's part three of my trilogy of golden films, "Goldface, The Fantastic Superman!"  Wait a minute, I don't remember any cool Dodge Valiants in this movie! What's this poster artiste think he can get away with anyhow?

"Goldface, Il Fantastico Superman" is just about as ridiculous as you could possibly imagine, and quite possibly, maybe even a little more! I guess that's what makes it almost great, but not quite!

"Goldface has got BIG Matthews in it, what the Hell more could you possibly want out of a movie than that?

AND.... LOTHAR and the Wrestling Champions of Caracas! Obviously, they had some bigtime money to blow on this production, and it shows! Just in case you're a little confused, don't get this Lothar confused with the lead singer in that awesome 60's band, Lothar and the Hand People! Speaking of, the music in "Goldface, Il Fantastico Superman" was written by Franco (How to Kill 400 Duponts) Pisano, and the Maestro Piero Umiliani, whom we've written about many times before as the composer of the Über classic Muppets tune "Mahna Mahna!!!"

This is probably what Goldface would have looked like if the costume department had for than a dollar three eighty to spend!

This is Espartaco Garibaldi Borga Santoni as the Doctor! Shhhh! Don't tell anybody, but he is also secretly Goldface! Espartaco was only in 20 movies, but what a line up they are! Titles like "Exorcism's Daughter," "Feast of Satan," "Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You're Under Arrest," "Lisa and the Devil," and "Torrente, El Brazo Tonto De La Ley!" Espartaco moved on to higher ground in 1998!

Here's just one of the many nameless "Champions Of Caracas!"

So here's the deal, Goldface is not only a crime fighting super hero, he's also a top notch wrassler!

The legions of Goldface's fans include a number of beautiful women, who have never figured out that wrasslin' is fake!

I'm assuming, because that's all that I can do, that this is Big Matthews as Goldface's sidekick! There's not much to find out about Big, because he was only in two movies, this one, and a Turkish/Italian film called "Lo Scoiattolo," but this guy IS big, and he's one of the few people in the movie that don't really look Italian!

Here's a cool shot from the Royale Rumble that Goldface wins without any problems at all!

During the Royale Rumble, this German journalist tries to take ringside advantage when Goldface is down, to ask him how he feels about German women! The guy behind her was a wrassler known as Jack The Ripper!

This is just to show you the difference between men and women's vices!

It's really hard to get good action footage screen shots, but this IS a good one from the rumble!

Honestly, Goldface has got one of the most pathetic costimes ever! Check out the cheapass GF directly underneath his collar! As tough as he may be, this is not really a look that commands a lot of respect!

If wrasslin' seems like nothing but a joke to you, just remember that back in the 50's, the biggest reason people bought TVs was because they wanted to see Gorgeous George in action on the mat!

I'd give Tabonga's left root to have this poster! Vampire Negro and The Sons of Quasimodo, Hell Yeah!!

This shot leaves me speechless!!!

One of Godface's super powers is that he is able to climb trees and spy on chicks! You're jealous, aren't you?

The whole movie is based on Goldface's battle with Cobra! Here Cobra's number two get what's coming to her!! "Goldface, Il Fantastico Superman" is yet another film supplied to us for your pleasure from Brian at The Trash Palace!" Please do yourself, me, and him a favour, and visit his site! I guarantee if you dig these weird old films, you're in for the time of your life, and pick up a Ubangi's CD while you're at it! UNGAWA!!!

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