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PROJECT: KILL - "Total Lonely World Control" (1976)

Well, I just found out that this blog has been nominated again for the fourth year in a row  for a Rondo Award in the category of "Best Blog 2012." It's still listed as Monstermoviemusic on the ballot, and I'm sure we don't stand a mummy's chance in a sandstorm, but just in case you want to vote, you can go right HERE! Tell 'em Eegah!! sent you!!!

Despite how cool this picture looks, if I had to watch all the movies I've written about again, "Project: Kill" would be way down at the bottom of the list for various reasons, number one being it's not a very good movie! "Project: Kill" was also released as "Total Control!"

Somebody get over there and push the "Go" button so we can get this going and over with!

                                                                          Roll it!!!

Tricky location!

A lot of you younger people probably don't even realize that Leslie Nielsen used to be a serious actor! Of course my favourite out of  his 252 acting credits was not "Naked Gun" or "Airplane!" but "Forbidden Planet!" In "Project: Kill" Leslie is a government trained killer who wants out of the business!

It's up to Leslie's protégé Gary Lockwood to track him down and stop him! Of course Gary would be better remembered for his roles in films like "The Magic Sword!" or "2001: A Space Odyssey!"

This shot just looks completely pretentious! Standing off in the distance is the love interest of the story, Nancy (The World Of Suzie Wong) Kwan!

"The Lonely World" was sung by Pilita Corrales with lyrics by Sid Wayne and music by Robert O. Ragland! Talk about big guns, Sid Wayne wrote Lyrics for a bunch of Elvis songs like "Do The Clam," "Spinout" and "Clambake!"

                                                       "Private!" That means keep out!!

                                                    This door is locked for a reason!!

           It was a given that there was going to be a place called the Paradise Hotel somewhere in this film!

Most of "Project: Kill" was filmed in The Philippines, so there are lots of  Asian bad guys! One of the hoods is played by an actor who has one of the coolest names I've ever heard of! His name was Vultures Stuntmen! Now that's special!

Ollie Ollie Oxen, Free, Free, Free!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

                                                               The BIG showdown!!

Hey, where's the ref? That looks like a flagrant choke hold!

                          Of course, in the end, just like in the beginning, nothing gets accomplished!

I don't know how this keeps happening, but once again I found out just as I was writing this, that if you really want to, you can download "Project: Kill" for free over at "The Internet Archive." Okay, that's it for me for this month, stick around, we've actually got some good titles coming up in the next couple of months!

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He sure looks like Banacek standing under that tree.

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