Monday, July 9, 2012

SATELLITE IN THE SKY / Tridelta Productions - 1956

It's time for a deadly trip into space with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature reminds me of WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE from 5 years earlier. This story's about a crew of astronauts who launch from England into orbit around the Earth, their mission is to test a new tritonium bomb. When they try and launch the bomb, it attaches itself to the tail of the rocket. The crew then only has a matter of hours to defuse or destroy the weapon before it explodes.

We have a soundclip for you, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the nukular powered dragonfly, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's some spacey sounds from... SATELLITE IN THE SKY!

Here's the beautiful British delta wing bomber, Vulcan B Mark 2, that starts the movie with some graceful maneuvering in the sky!

Kieron (DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN/THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS) Moore plays Mission Commander Michael Haydon and Lois (Miss Moneypenny in DR. NO) Maxwell plays reporter, Kim Hamilton. Here they are snooping around in a restricted area.

Other crew members just get drunk and watch the girls at the club.

They find out at last minute that their rocket would launch with a secret atomic bomb to be detonated in space! Donald Wolfit plays Professor Merrity, creator of the bomb, so, he has to go with them on the mission. Even though he was a total weirdo, Donald gave great performances in BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE and THE HANDS OF ORLAC.

And... Around the corner it's Pearly Gates on the inside, then, driving hard into second place it's Heart Attack, followed closely by French Fry!... And, bringing up the rear, it's... Beetle Bomb!!!

They put it in first gear and floor it!!

This still really captures how awesome going into space seemed for a kid my age back in the fifties!

After they are safely in space, they discover a stowaway, Miss Hamilton. She hurt her shoulder from bouncing around during the take off.

That's a pretty darn nice globe of the constellations there, if you ask me.

Here's another great shot that kids would love, view ports are always cool!

Dr. Merrity prepares the bomb for its launch and detonation, but, when launched, it magnetically sticks to the tail! ..Ejoli!!

So, the doc and his helper break communications to go out and tend to the bomb...

Since they figured they were responsible for the ordeal, they rocket themselves and the bomb out into space and signal for the rocket to get the Hell out of there! There was just no other way.

And, they do get the Hell out of there and land safely back on Earth, just in time for the fireworks!

So, the doc and his pal sacrifice themselves to go out in a blaze of glory, a cosmic marigold!

This is a good time to thank our pal Charlie for the many movies he's donated to The Dungeon archives recently, which inclues 5 Universal Legacy volumes we'll start reviewing over the next months - Thanks again!

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zillagord said...

"Satellite in the Sky"-- as opposed to where, in the boulibase? Great title, Einsteins!

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