Friday, July 13, 2012

THE GHOST WALKS / Invincible Pictures Corp. - 1934

Happy Friday the 13th everbloody!! It's Friday Frights with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon! Our 69 minute feature goes like this... On a stormy night, a theatrical producer, his secretary, and a playwright are stranded when their car skids off the road and gets stuck. They take refuge in the nearby home of Dr. Kent, a friend of the playwright. One of Kent's patients who's staying at the house is acting strangely because it's the anniversary of her husband's murder. And, when the lights go out, the first in a series of mysterious and fearful events begin! ...Boo-Wah!!

Eegah!! sent this soundclip over, soooo, as to not be rude, you can push the big red 'GO' button , NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's some cartoonie corn from... THE GHOST WALKS!

Johnny Arthur plays the producer's secretary, Homer Erskine, a face every baby-boomer knows well from the LITTLE RASCALS series which played on TV almost every day during the fifties.

Like I said, their car gets stuck in the mud, so, they have to walk to the doc's house in the storm.

The lady who's acting strangely on the anniversary of her husband's murder comes down to hang out with the others, then, they all start accusing each other of the crime!

When the lights go out, this ghost shows up to give everyone a good scare!

Wouldn't you know it, there's a painting with the eyes cut out so that the villain can keep an eye or two on the situation.

Don't forget the peep-holes!

There's even a bed that can smother you, like in 13 GHOSTS! Homer dives out just in the nick of time.

Homer's scared and has to sleep with the producer, who's reading aloud about some creepy theories from psychics through the ages.

I will always try to include the sexiest still I can find from any given movie... This is the best I could do for this one.

Then, this lady gets chloroformed! Man, this flick has everything!!

People are disappearing! The cops and the remaining guests discover a secret entrance behind the huge mantle!

In the meantime, the villain is revealed. He has a pretty cool mad lab in the basement, too!

The gang's closing in on their nemesis...

They better hurry though, because, the dude's having visions of grandeur!

The cops break in and shut the old fool up!

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