Friday, July 20, 2012

FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE / Criterion Films - 1956

It's jus' another Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature is a strange little UK flick I saw on TV after school one afternoon in 1957 where a lot of the neighborhood kids met at Principal Carona's house to watch it, it was a big deal at the time. I had a crush on his daughter, Marilyn. They lived next door to my best friend at the time, Larry, who's father happened to be the local mortician! Pretty weird, huh?

I always thought that 'from' outer space was wrong, but, FIRE MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE is actually an alternate American title!

Eegah!! sent over a very spacey soundclip for us to check out, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to Mr. Hellface, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's sum sound from... FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE!

After landing on the 13th moon of Jupiter, this crew of astronauts from Earth discover a forested area containing the last remnant of lost Atlantis! Here's some interesting trivia - the 13th moon of Jupiter was only discovered in 1974! Also, at this time, Jupiter officially has 50 moons and 14 smaller 'provisional' moons!

They come across the beautiful scantily clad nymph greeting babe, Hestia!

Then they have to meet an' greet the supreme (pizza) ruler of Atlantis, this old weirdo, Prasus! We seem to suffer from the same affliction.

And, don't ever forget about the bevy o' bodacious babes, all looking for... Husbands!!

There's plenty of sexy dancin' goin' on, too!

Here, things are in reverse, women drug the men with 'Venus Fly Trap!'

Prasus tells the space adventurers this about the monster... "The beast with the head of a man, it must be destroyed.. Yet, it is indestructible!"

WTF!!.. Just shoot at it and it runs away, yowling like a little baby!

It's sacrifice night at the girls' club.

This little lady turns the heat up even higher!

If you don't believe me, just ask this guy!

Holy crap!! It's the beast with the head of a man!! Actually, it looks like a man with the head of a beast!

The guys finally get wise and toss a grenade at him, knocking him into the eternal fire pit, he's kaput now!

All the girls wave goodbye to the brave men from Earth as they depart Moon 13 and head back home in their rocket!

Wait til you see whut Eegah!! has planned for tomorrow's post!!


Realm Of Retro said...

RE: profile pics not showing:

This issue might fix itself, at least it does with facebook. I always notice that if there's a problem with FB, it always clears up after a couple of days.

Fire Maidens from Outer Space:
Would you believe IMDB says this movie was made by CRITERION productions?
I don't know what's going on here, but if somebody's going to make a Criterion release of this movie,
it's going to be a real treat.
Every DVD Criterion releases turns to gold, picture-quality wise.

Alternate titles for this pic:
Fire Maidens from Outer Space USA (alternative title)
Fire Maidens of Outer Space USA (imdb display title)
Love Maidens of Outer Space USA (alternative title)
The Thirteenth Moon of Jupiter UK (original script title)

TABONGA! said...

Hi Randy, Criterion was the name of a movie production company in England in 1956 (all my listings name the production company that made the film), not the DVD authoring company of today.

Lacey said...

And of course you can always fine the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of the film. Great riffing of a classic sci fi wonder.

Greg Goodsell said...

Take me ... I'm a stranger in paradise!

Exeter said...

Gotta find it... I just gotta...
VHS tape # 184 !!
Thanks for the reminder of this jewel!

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