Monday, April 2, 2012

MAN IN OUTER SPACE / Filmové Studio Barrandov - 1962

It's Outer Space Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. What we gots here is a flick that Eegah!! and I actually saw at the Sierra Theater back in 1962, a happy place for Monster Movies when we were growing up. This is a totally obscure sci-fi adventure from Czechoslovakia where a custodian accidentally launches himself into space, he then lands on a planet and they send him back to Earth with an alien that can become invisible. They eventually arrive on Earth in the year 2447.

Of course, this one ended up in the AIP-TV library... Eegah!! made us a very cool soundclip from this futuristic iron curtain comedy, so's, push the big red 'GO' button there next to the little green Corvette, now, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here're some spacey sounds from... MAN IN OUTER SPACE!

I always love shots like this, with rockets!

Again and again in the sixties, booze was responsible for anything and everything that went wrong! Here's our custodian, Josef, just before he steps on the 'GO' button, he was retrieving something from the rocket before it launched. Josef is played by native Czech, Milos Kopecký, who had a total of 134 acting credits between 1947 to 1996 and worked up until his death in '96!

Josef calls his pasty white alien helper, Adam, who thinks in mathmatical patterns.

When they do arrive back on Earth, they cause plenty of drama as they try and land their spacecraft! The top still shows a floating transport with people whizzing by.

These controller dudes are helping them the best they can, it ain't easy.

Josef is interrogated by the supreme council of Earth. Adam has become invisible and coaches Josef with answers to their questions, and, are whack in human terms!

He's then able to choose from the latest styles of attire! Because of his obscure knowledge of things, they make him the leader, Calouník.

He decides to visit the 20th Century Museum in an airbus.

His favorite exhibit is this one, hanging bottles of beer and transistor radios!

This would be mine, rockets and missiles, these are all Russian designs naturally.

Impressive, they have a 1958 Ford on display! That's the Russian counterpart on the right.

Calouník calls this babe up on a string art contraption for a date at his place!

He tries to be suave and debonaire for his date, but, fails miserably!

So, he heads for his favorite spot, the Space Bar!..

It's a total hoot until...

I'll leave it to you as to what you think happens...

Josef makes a hasty retreat back to his spaceship and heads into outer space, where things will be a lot safer for him!

Original Czech poster.

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One of my favs!

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