Friday, April 20, 2012

BELL FROM HELL / Hesperia Films S.A. - 1973

Welcome to Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite's offering is a Spanish flick about a young man released from an asylum and returns home for revenge on his aunt and three cousins, who had him declared insane in order to get his inheritance.

Here's our young man, John, making a plaster cast of his face in his room at the asylum... Why, you ask!

Today's the day John gets to leave the asylum... Shades of PSYCHO and TWISTED NERVE.

For what was available, Eegah!! sure made a swell soundclip from this obscure little Euro horror, sooo, wif'aus further adieu and adulations, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there adjacent from the DNA flask, now, Rufus The Gnat! Here's some noise from a BELL FROM HELL!

John rides his motorcycle all the way home and is greeted by his Aunt Marta and lovely cousins, Esther, Teresa and Maria. Please don't ask me to figure out who's who, der!.. Anyway, an estrogen enriched greeting...

Since it's Euro '73, it gots some gratuitous nudie photography goin' on, natcherly, of course, what else, hello, etc...

The possessed Bell is being installed in the bell tower at the local cathedral fixer-upper! It makes you wonder... Is John being controlled by the Bell or is he just plain nuts?.. That is the ringing question!

John freaks out one cousin by pretending to pull his eyeballs out of their sockets in front of her! He then tries to show her that it was just a harmless prank, but, she tells him to go to freakin' Hell!

At one point, he fakes an injury where he wears all the accessories associated with such discomfiture. That dude he hates there has to help him go! Lousy damn job!

And, by the way, there's an elaborate control panel in the house for all sorts of entertainment!

Aunt Marta's one hot old dame when she wants to be!

One thing the control panel can do is show their old photographs on the wall...

Another thing it can do is help John be a total pervert!

Back at the cathedral, the Bell has been installed and the bell ringers do their thang, clang in some Hell on Earth!.. I guess, it's hard to follow the story a lot.

The Bell causes this pathetic old dude to go bananas, I think.

He thinks he sees John (who's now dead) playing the harpsicord, so, drowns himself in the fish tank! Or, maybe he was bobbing for electric eels and swallowed one!

Here's what that plaster cast was for, from the start of the movie. Don't ask me! If you want to try and figure all this stuff out, go watch the movie! This one's off a 'Chilling Classics' 50-Movie Collection disc.


TimTE01 said...

It's so obvious! The mask, yeah, I got nothing.

Seriously, good luck making sense of this movie. I couldn't and I've sat through my fair share of Euro-Trash.

Considering that the Director literally committed suicide once the film was done filming, it doesn't help matters.

Hell, he did from the same Bell Tower they show in the film!

Maybe those Bells really are evil. Oh no- here they come! Aaargh!!!!

Greg Goodsell said...

Phooey on Ted! A BELL FROM HELL is a masterpiece of Spanish horror cinema!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Phooey? I'm shocked, as a contributing writer, Greg knows we don't like to use that kind of foul language on this site!


Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

I agree with Greg! Double-phooey! But seriously, "Bell from Hell" is really an excellent movie, one of the best from that era. I would trade my left bell for a chance to see this in an actual movie theater!

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