Saturday, April 14, 2012

FENOMENAL E IL TESORO DI TUTANKAMEN - Bruno Nicolai - "Wextra, Wextra, Read All About It!" (1968)

Tonight's feature is more than special, it's Phreakin' "PHENOMENAL"!!!!! If you think there's any way possible we could have got our grubby mitts on so many neat flicks without the help of some cool cats like Professor Grewbeard, Joe, and Brian Horrorwitz, then you're out of yer phreakin' mind!

That being said, Brian and The Trash Palace are the folks to thank, or blame for this action packed and truly phenomenal phlick! The man in black is not Johnny Cash, it's Fenomenal, or in English, Phenomenal, and even though in Europe he's considered a super-hero, his only real special power is that just like Lucky the Inscutable, or Batman, Fenomenal is real damn good at kickin' ass!!

So this mug is what all the commotion is about, The Treasure of Tutankamen, or Toot Uncommon, you know, something difficult to get your hands on!

The 6 foot 3 body builder and happy Gordon (Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse) Mitchell, has the role of bad guy Gregory "Go" Falk off! Gordon was born in Denver, Colorado, but appeared in scores of Italian Sword and Sandal, and Spaghetti Western movies!!

Lucretia (Go With God, Gringo) Love has the role of Mike Shevlove! No options for argument, you gotta love any woman named Bob or Mike, and there's no way possible that a toast from Falkoff is going to be headed in the right direction!

Treacherous eyes and a cigarette lighter camera add up to no good, but mucho bueno payoff for Falkoff! Carla (Le Inibizioni Del Dottor Gaudenzi, Vedovo Col Complesso Della Buonanima) Romanelli is Anna Giomet!

At first, it's difficult to get used to this hero that looks like he has his shirt pulled up over his head, but after he slinks and sleazes around for awhile, you get very comfortable with his character!!

It's pretty hard to go wrong when you have things like the Eiffel Tower to use as far as shoots are concerned, not much different from us having Oildale at our disposal in the making of "The Creep!"

Honestly, I forget where Mike was going with this outfit on, it didn't really seem to matter!

Next stop, Woo Woo, the sultry steam baths!!

Director Ruggero Deodato would get his ass in real hot water for his use of animals in "Cannibal Holocaust" in 1980!

This is an awesome shot, super simple, but very effective!!

When you find yourself in a situation where you've just pulled off the biggest heist in the whole world, and suddenly your two-timing girlfriend has a headache, and wants to go home with somebody else, you can pretty well expect that your ass is toast!!

Finally, evil goes over the edge....

.....Only to come back and take matters into it's own hands again! Bad good guys don't finish last, they don't finish at all!

Mike has to jump out of the helicopter into the ocean to save the day....

Personally, I would think it would be very uncomfortable to be underwater with a sweater up over your face and head, but Fenomenal doesn't seem to be bothered at all, but the guy on the wrong side of the law seems to have a real problem with it!

Oh, it's you!!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

That last photo looks like a closeup from an inflatable love doll.

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