Monday, January 9, 2012

THE WASP WOMAN In Color / Film Group Feature - 1959

Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. I'm pulling out all the stops with this colorized redo of a post we did back in 2007! Eegah!! and I actually saw this one when it came out, we even gave it a bad review in our self published monster rag in 1964, Dwrayger Dungeon. It stars Susan (WAR OF THE SATELLITES) Cabot, Anthony (THE NAVY vs THE NIGHT MONSTERS) Eisley, Barboura (A BUCKET OF BLOOD) Morris, Michael (RETURN OF THE FLY) Mark and William (NOT OF THIS EARTH) Roerick with Bruno (DEMENTIA) VeSota and Frank (BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE) Wolff, and, the screenplay was written by Leo (THE HAUNTED PALACE) Gordon! It looks sooo cool in color, too!

The beginning theme for this flick is a real favorite of mine, it's by the inimitable Fred Katz, and, we remember his work in A BUCKET OF BLOOD, BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA. We Love Fred, here at The Dungeon!!

Letz bring in our fuzzy little Dungeon helper and button pusher, you know him, you love him, Ralphie The Tarantula! He's joined us for one reason, to start our Eariffic soundclip. So, push the big red 'GO' button there next to the hamster wheel, now, Ralphie! Listen to some sounds from... THE WASP WOMAN!

Nice shot of LA traffic and architecture in the late fifties.

These were typical secretaries back them, it wouldn't fly today... "How'd you like to have this phone wrapped around your ear, wise guy!"

Janice Starlin hires mad scientist, Eric Zinthrop, to help try and save her cosmetics company with his wacky ideas.

He injects her with his special queen bee serum, which is supposed to start reversing the aging process.

But, things begin to go wrong, like, this experimental kitty cat has not only grown younger, it's become an attacking nightmare!

Stunned, dazed and confused, Zinthrop wanders aimlessly into the street only to be hit by a car. That's Roger Corman as the doctor, and, there's Frank (MONSTROSITY) Gerstle, too.

Janice continues taking the serum as Zinthrop has lost most of his memory from the accident. Co-worker, Arthur Cooper, snoops around in the lab to try and find clues to the recent mysteries in the company...

And, becomes her first victim!

Hey, Bruno, watch out, yer next!!

It doesn't just end there, that night, when she trys to get some answers about what's happening to her...

She gets upset and changes into the monster, then, takes care of the nurse!.. Get it?

Mary tries to help out but she rattles Janice into yet another transformation!

No telling who's responsible for creating the monster head.

Bill and the old man wait impatiently for the elevator to come down to their floor... Bill finally gets fed up and takes the stairs.

The shadows here, as Wasp Woman drags Mary down the dark hallway, are both weird and mesmerizing.

Bill has to quickly defend himself from the charging creature, she's quick as Hell!!

Zinthrop picks up a bottle of carbolic acid and scores a direct hit on Wasp Woman's head just before he keels over, dead!

Then, Bill uses his stool to push her back through the lab window on the 46th floor!

"And... Wasper Woman was dead!" *Hermanos Guzanos quote from their 'tune' of the same name.

This half hour colorized version is from Elvira's ATTACK OF THE KILLER B-MOVIES. It also features shortened colorized versions of KILLERS FROM SPACE and MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL along with THE NAVY vs THE NIGHT MONSTERS!

We'll end with this very desirable Mexican lobby card... Oh yeah, Eegah!! used to have the 1 sheet poster.


Douglas McEwan said...

The "Mad Scientist," Erick Zinthorp, is played by Michael Mark. Mark played the father of "Little Maria" in Frankenstein, and did that famous walk through the village holding his drowned daughter's body, as the wedding celebrations around him stop. He's also in Son of Frankenstein as a different character who gets killed by the monster, who has his cart drive over him. (His Frankenstein character is also in Bride of Frankenstein, but he is played by a differnt actor.) He's also in House of Frankenstein, where Boris Karloff, who seemed to have it out for him, removes his brain to put into the Frankenstein monster.

Mark is many, many movies, including Casablanca. His last movie was A Guide for the Married Man. I had the priveldge of meeting him briefly in 1973, not long before he died.

Fred Katz is a treasure. I've known him and his two children, Hymie and Joycee, for 40 years. Though Joycee, a tremendously funny actress, has passed away now, Hymie and Fred remain alive and well. Only last year, Fred did a concert of his music here in Los Angeles.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

We also love Michael Mark for his role as Emil, the annoying friend, in "Attack Of The Puppet People!"


warewolfboy said...

i actully talked to the guy who worked on this on youtube.this was part of "Attack of the killer b-movies'.

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