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Tonite's feature is about bad girls at a a girl's boarding school. Their science teacher tests her theory that there is a power within humans that is beyond that of the atom! Using hypnosis and a special amulet, a new troubled student becomes the subject of her experiments and results in a series of full-moon murders. Herman Cohen produced this and I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF, both have similar storylines. This is a redo of a post from 2007.

It's always great when a fifties monster flick has a hit tune in it, and, this one, "Puppy Love," is probably the best! The song was written and performed by Jerry Blaine. He also wrote the great tune in Teenage Werewolf, "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo!" Jerry died in 1973 at the age of 36!

Lettuce bring in our fuzzy little Dungeon helper and button pusher, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Hello, Ralphie! The lil' dude is here to start the show, so to speak. So, push the big red 'GO' button there next to the chartreuse loveseat, now, Ralphie! Here's our awesome soundclip for... BLOOD OF DRACULA!

This has a typical fifties theme of troubled youth in conflict with the parents, especially the new mom. Jean Dean (she's hot) plays the new mom, she was also in RADAR PATROL vs THE SPY KING, HOT ROD and GOG! Sandra Harrison plays the daughter, Nancy. The dad is played by the familiar face of Thomas Browne Henry, who had 187 acting credits. We loved Henry in THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS!

It's all fun and games at Sherwood, School For Girls! I enjoy watching girlies running around in their jammies! WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY is probably the best flick for that kind of thing, though.

Here's stud grounds keeper and everybody's boyfriend, Eddie, played by Don Devlin. Don played Moe in ANATOMY OF A PSYCHO.

The science teacher, Miss Branding, singles Nancy out to try her weird theories of evolution on. Teach is played by Louise Lewis, she can also be seen in I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF, THE VAMPIRE and was in an episode of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.


Jerry Blaine plays a guy named Tab, a very cool fifties name!

Stylish, too!

During the full moon, Miss Branding calls out Nancy's primal rage to manifest itself...

The cops come snooping around, asking lots of questions. That's Richard (WAR OF THE SATELLITES) Devon there as the detective there on the left.

Time for an nighttime outdoor treasure hunt during a full moon, the perfect place for somebloody to get killed!

...Know whut I mean?!

Nancy even takes out Tab!.. And, not on a date!

As Miss Branding works in her lab, Nancy comes close to attacking her boyfriend who's there to see her for the first time.

Miss Branding tries to control Nancy, but, now realizes that she's created a monster that can't be controlled...

And, Nancy chokes the crap out of the old bag!

Nancy falls back onto a metal shard, game over...

Pretty messy, teach and her medical journal end up in a big puddle of acid!

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Inno Garage said...

Loved this post and also the blog. Branding Agencies in India are also catching up with the West. Lets hope a war and more creativity.

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