Saturday, January 28, 2012

THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD - Michael Dress - "A Vértöl Csöpögö Ház" (1971)

Just got back from a couple of days in Computer Hell, and you know that's never any F'n fun! Now on the other hand, what IS fun are compilation films! "The House That Dripped Blood" is a right fine example! "A Vértöl Csöpögö Ház" is the title in Hungarian!

How many times have you said, "that would have been a pretty good movie if it would have only been about 20 minutes long?" This film is just that, and is more like four short stories, three of them having been written by one of THE top writers ever, Robert Bloch! IF you don't know who Robert Bloch is, I only have one word to say to you,"PSYCHO !"

The good thing about movies like this is that there's no time to waste!

An author of horror stories and his wife are the first victims to move into the "House That Dripped Blood."

The author's sketches of his character have come to life, and come to get him!

Everybody has a skull, it's just that most people choose to keep them inside their head!

For a guy with crappy makeup and a bad haircut, this dude really creeps me out!

Michael Dress is the composer of the music for tonight's feature, and is a mystery unto himself! Do a search for Michael Dress, and all you're going to find are sites about Michael Jackson dress up dolls! In fact, we've never had a reason to write about Michael before tonight either! Michael died at the early age of 39, but still, in that time, he managed to chalk up 9 credits that included "The Mind Of Mr. Soames" and "Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx!"

The second story features Peter Cushing, and was written by Russ Jones. Out of gazillions of pics, this might be the best portrait of Peter Cushing ever!

The second tale revolves around Jackie's Museum of Horror, the wax vampire is in the image of who else but Christopher Lee?

Peter is mesmerized, and falls in love with this wax figure. I don't really get it, she looks like Ozzy Osbourne to me!

The madness ensues! There were too many great shots, I probably should have done this film in four separate posts!

After teasing you with a wax version, the third story stars Christopher Lee! It doesn't hardly seem possible, but Chris Lee has more than twice as many credits, at 274 and counting, than Peter Cushing, who still had a massive amount at 131.

Chris is having some problems with his kid, he's not really that great of a parent!

Chloe Franks was twelve when this film was made! Chloe came down with rheumatoid arthritis in the 90's and is now the Director of Leadership Programmes for The Disability Partnership, an organiztion that helps out folks with disabilities!

If your kids get into drugs, it can be pretty bad, but if they get into witchcraft, it can be even worse!

The last story is about an aging actor played by Jon "Worzel Gummidge" Pertwee and his co-star, the comely Ingrid "Marcilla-Carmilla-Mircalla Karnstein" Pitt!

Jon is not happy about all the cheapness involved in his latest film, including this guy's makeup, so he goes out and buys himself an authentic looking Dracula cape! Speaking of, in the picture up there of Forry Ackerman, you see that he has on a Dracula cape! That was one of THE original capes that Bela wore in his role as Drac! I don't know who owns it now!

I glanced at this the other day, and because of that funny hammer shaped R, my mind read this as Curse of the Buttsuckers!

As it turns out, this cape is just a little too authentic, and turns Jon into a vampire!

If you didn't guess, this last tale is pretty much a comedy! I love the title of this book, "The Vampire: His Kith and Kin!"

You used to be able to rent "The House That Dripped Blood" on Netflix, but for some reason, it's no longer available! Another one bites the dust!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

too beautiful for words!

Dr. Theda said...

I have not seen this horror anthology film in many years.....
Great Post....the image that really sticks in my mind is of Jon Pertwee at the end of his segment with his eyes crossed and lying on his back staked.....

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...



Douglas McEwan said...

This is a eally good movie. It wsa he furst time I saw Jon Pertwee. One doesn't forget that.

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