Monday, July 18, 2011

ULTRAMAN / Tsuburaya Productions - 1966

Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We head back to Sinoland for this great TV series, Toho was the executive producer. The title of this episode (#2 of 39) is "Defeat The Invader!" and originally aired on July 24, 1966.

The series music is by Mr. Kunio Miyauchi, who had a total of 9 composing credits that include THE HUMAN VAPOR, GODZILLA'S REVENGE and ULTRAMAN: MONSTER BIG BATTLE.

Lettuce now bring in our fuzzy little Dungeon helper and button pusher, sure 'nuf, Ralphie The Tarantula!!.. Ralphie's here to start our Eariffic Earclip, so, without further adieu... Push that big red 'GO' button now, Ralphie! Here's... ULTRAMAN!

In this episode, a space alien called Balatan has come to Earth to make it his new home. The Science Patrol investigates some strange activity going on at a local laboratory...

Huh?!... Hey!!

SUC-KER!!!.. Works every time.

Balatan has a freeze ray, and he's not afraid to use it!

And, looks like it's good at the old razzle-dazzle!

Child labor laws were a little different in Japan back then.

A Science Patroller shows up and shoots Balatan right on the nose!

The Science Patrol works for you 24-7!

What a maroon!

C'mon everbloody, do the Balatan Shuffle, it won't hurt you, so, what are you so damn afraid of?.. C'mon, do the Balatan Shuffle!..

Hey, Mini Men!!..

This scene looks almost identical to a dream I once had. In my dream though, if the giant monster looked into your eyes, you would die!

Wowzers, this is the greatest still, ever!.. Try it as wallpaper!!

The thing can shoot fire from it's pods, making for a hot time on the old town tonite!

Enter our protector, Ultraman!.. This is the stock image they used whenever he made an appearance, quite a dynamic shot.

I like imagery like this, simple to follow and to understand, not like today's super-duper extravaganzas where there are 42 things all happening at the same time, and you don't even know what part of the screen you're supposed to be looking at!!

Ultraman grabs Balatan's saucer and takes it far away from the city...

And so, our hero saves the day once again!!


Greg Goodsell said...

I have a statue of Balatan in my kitchen! He's a very effective "kitchen witch."

Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

I saw this back in the '60s and it was quite creepy! Any of the Ultraman episodes where they faught human-size monsters were much scarier! Especially the ones with glowing eyes who stalked big empty buildings!

Fred G. Sanford said...

I believe it was called the
not space patrol.

TABONGA! said...

Fred, noted and changed, thanks for the heads up! BTW, have you seen Skillet or Bubba lately?

Anonymous said...

I remember coming home from school and watching this series. I was just starting to get into monster movies, and Ultraman was like a daily kaiju (i.e., Godzilla-type) mini-movie.

The organization was the "Science Patrol" in the dubbed-into-English version. I don't know offhand if that was its name in the original Japanese version.

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