Saturday, July 9, 2011

TWINS OF EVIL - Harry Robertson - "Twofer One Special" (1971)

You got lucky this time because No, "Twins Of Evil" is not about Tabonga! and Eegah!! The title is a bit of a misnomer because although the film is about twins, basically really only one is evil!

All the guys who live in this town need to get a life or find a hobby because right now they spend all their time getting together and burning young innocent girls at the stake who they are convinced are evil, when it ain't necessarily so! This is why guys today play golf and join fraternal institutions of brotherhood like The Lions or The Rotary Club!

This time around Peter Cushing is Brother Gustav Weil, the leader of the gang! Gustav has got some real issues, and is a bit overzealous in his pursuit of destroying all the evil in the world, one woman at a time!! If Gustav's life isn't miserable enough already, it's just getting ready to get worse!!

Gustav's recently orphaned twin nieces have just arrived at his cottage to live with him, and it creates problems on multiple levels! Let's just say to start with, Gustav is frantic just with the fact that they are not wearing black! Playboy centerfolds from the October 1970 issue Mary and Madeleine Collinson, were the first twin playmates! Frieda Gellhorn is played by Madelaine and her equally lovely sister Maria Gellhorn is played by Mary Collinson!! These sisters are so cute that it falls into the 'Evil? Who Cares?' department!

Meanwhile, over on the other side of town, we've got a completely different pageant of unholy behavior happening at the castle of the local freak Count Karnstein! Damien Thomas is Count Karnstein! Damien has been working steady for years and was in a film released this year called "Grave Tales."

Count Karnstein has accidently just revived the spirit of vampiress Countess Mircalla through the miracle of human sacrifice!

With Mircalla's assistance, Count Karnstein has been reborn, and is now among the legions of the undead!

Kathleen Byron has the role of Gustav's poor wife, Katy Weil! Kathleen did a ton of British TV, was an angel in a 1946 film titled "Stairway To Heaven," and was also in "Black Narcissus," "Hell Is Sold Out," and "Burn, Witch, Burn!"

We normally sidestep nudity, but this photo has almost Mona Lisa like qualities, and by applying contemporary community standards, is not deemed by me to be obscene! Besides it's just one out of four!

Frieda is drawn to the light of Count Karnstein's castle like a fly to a spider's web and will soon be ensnared in his booby trap of abomination!

So who are the real "Twins Of Evil?" Is it really the two beautiful young sisters, or is it actually the two bozoheaded bastards Gustav Weil and Count Karnstein?

"Twins Of Evil" is a fine lookin' film and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the work of the Director Of Photography, the man whose parents must have had a good sense of humour, Dick Bush!

The music in this film was composed by Harry Robertson or Harry Robinson, with a lot of help from one of the busiest guys to ever run a music department, Phillip Martell! Harry Robertson has 59 credits including "The Oblong Box," "The Johnstown Monster," "Countess Dracula," and "Legend Of The Werewolf!" Phillip Martell has 162 credits working as music supervisor, conductor or musical director that include almost every picture ever made by Hammer Studios. The list is almost endless with titles like "Frankenstein Created Woman," The Deadly Bees," "Five Million Years To Earth," "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave," "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed" and on and on and on! Phillip was THE man!!!

The Collinson sisters do a fantastic job!! It's always refreshing to see some different faces on the screen, and it makes the film just that much more appealing!!

It shouldn't come as no surprise that Peter Cushing, besides being one of the most amazing actors of all time, was also an accomplished artist in drawing and painting, and his hobby was bird watching!

The Collinson sisters left their mark on the neck of the world! These days Mary lives in Milan, Italy, and Madeleine resides in Malta with their respective families! Thanx to our friends over at the RETroZONe, you can see what all the original hubbub was about right HERE!!

Waiting in between incinerations and bored to tears, the rest of the boys in the band sit around and wait for the Next episode of "SpongeBob" to come on!!!

You know, as bad as Count Karnstein looks and feels right here, I'm certain that if he could talk, he would tell you it was all very much worth it!


Jack Veasey said...

I love this movie. It's exciting and fast-paced -- one of the best Hammer vampire movies. And one of Peter Cushing's most surprising characters and best performances.

Eegah!! said...

I agree 100% Jack!

Mark said...

One of my favorites! Thanks for the very funny write-up, as always.

"These sisters are so cute that it falls into the 'Evil? Who Cares?' department!"

zillagord said...

I totally dig that upside-down crucifix nightlight!

Christopher said...

its them Karnsteins again..

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Mark!

Z, I'll see if I can find you one down at the SwampMeat!

C, Them Karnsteins will return again very soon!

Voje Bukacuda said...

the collinson twins is a big favorite of mine as well. This is coming out next from England. They just released VAMPIRE CIRCUS on both DVD and Blu Ray if I'm not mistaken.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx for the link Voje

Voje Bukacuda said...

I know I've probably missed a few List of Collinson Twin Movies in this list and I've no doubt that this list will grow as we move further into 2013 and more films' release dates are announced.

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