Wednesday, January 26, 2011


How's this for wacky? Since starting this site almost four years ago, we've had close contact with 13 Frightened Girls, 13Ghosts, 2 On A Guillotine, and 12 To The Moon!

We've experienced the spectral wonders of Ghost Catchers, Ghosts Gone Gear, Ghosts From Dragstrip Hollow and Hanley House, not to mention the Ghosts On Patrol, and On The Loose!!

We've made contact with Beasts from 20,000 Fathoms, Haunted Caves, Hollow Mountains, Yellow Nights, Yucca Flats, Morocco, and with A Million Eyes!

We've seen Terror from The Haunted House, Beneath The Sea, In The Midnight Sun, and in The Year 5000!

And we've heard a lot of great music along the way, from Thriller, Spy and Surf movies too, like this rockin' tune from "Bikini Beach," "Gotcha Where I Wantcha" by Candy Johnson and The Exciters, one of my favourite musical numbers from any kind of movie!

We've been Cursed by Frankenstein, Faceless Men, The Fly, The Headless Horseman, The Werewolf, The Stone Hand, The Swamp Creature, The Snake Woman, The Voodoo, and The Mummy's Tomb!!

We've had good days, and bad days, there was The Day The Earth Caught Fire, and The Day The Sky Exploded, and finally, The Day The World Ended, but even that didn't stop us!

We've seen Frankenstein in 1910, 1970, and 80, and we've seen him Conquer The World, and Meet The Space Monster! And if that wasn't enough, we've also seen Frankenstein's Castle Of Freaks, his Bloody Terror, his Island, and his met his Daughter!

We've been assaulted by Creatures From The Haunted Sea, and The Black Lagoon, and Creatures with Blue Hands and Atom Brains!

We've been subjected to Attacks of 50 Foot Women, Crab Monsters, Giant Leeches, Puppet People, Mushroom People, and Robots!

We've witnessed Santo and Blue Demon fending off attacks from Monsters, Black Magic, Cerebro Del Mal, Dr Muerte, Diabolicus, and Las Invasoras!

We've witnessed the marriage to Brides of Blood, Dracula, The Gorilla, Fu Manchu, and The Monster!

We've ridden the Horror Express, stayed at the Horror Hotel and the Horror House On Highway Five, got down at the Horror Of Party Beach, and been generally horrified by Spider Island, Zombies, Blood Monsters, and Black Museums, and for what?

It's been one Helluva struggle all the way, but we do it all for you!!


prof. grewbeard said...

you got me where you want me!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yeah, everybody else escaped!!!

ufo said...

XLNT blog!
Yooz guyz r 'da best!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...


elcubanito said...

me puedes mandar la pleicula cerebro del mal trio servando diaz

elcubanito said...

cerebro del mal el santo trio servando diaz movie dowland

Monster Music

Monster Music
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