Monday, January 17, 2011

TRAUMA / Artists XVI Productions - 1962

Hello everbloody, welcome to Mondo Monday wif' Tabonga, here at The Dungeon! Tonite's little psycho thriller is about Emmaline (Lorrie Richards) who discovered the drowned body of her handicapped aunt (Lynn Bari) when she was a teenager and caused her to lose her memory. She returns to the family mansion 6 years later and is now married, and, after being there for awhile, falls in love with the caretaker's nephew (John Conte) and eventually remembers who the real killer is..

Emmaline hears screams coming from the back yard and finds her beloved aunt has been murdered! To make things worse, she also had to identify the body of her friend, Lily, earlier that evening at the morgue, who was also murdered!! (loud scream) ..Okay, roll credits!

The music for this decent little thriller is a step above the paranormal in movies, and that's because it was composed by the late, great William Marcel "Buddy" Collette (August 6, 1921 – September 19, 2010). Buddy was an American tenor sax player, flautist and clarinetist and was highly influential in the West Coast jazz scene, and worked with greats like Dexter Gordon, Chico Hamilton and Charles Mingus, etc!.. He was also the orchestra leader for YOU BET YOUR LIFE with Groucho Marx!

Well, look what just popped it's tiny little head into Tabonga's limited field of vision, it's Rufus The Gnat, Mondo Monday's official Lil' Button Pushin' Insectoid! So, here's some... TRAUMA!

Great place to start, here's the classic 1961 Chrysler Imperial!.. Nice!!

Jus' one big unhappy family!.. Clue - the psycho's in this picture!

Emmaline tries to act normal with her new hubby...

But, talks with her dollies when nobody's looking!

Here's that Chrysler again, but, from a different angle!

Yeah, I was thinking too hard!

Cool portrait of John Conte..

You need to calm down, pal!..

In the meantime, Emmaline looks around for clues on her own. She notices her dead aunt's wheelchair.

Then, she messes with the wrong dude, she's attacked by a 'prop' from the 'African Tour!' Go figure!

Oh, now I remember, Luther!! Luther's the freakin' psycho! Damn, it was so obvious!

Luther's not screwing around!!

He jumps in the pool and tries to drown the poor screaming Emmaline, but, he gets pulled under for a 10 count by the wirey ghost of old Aunt Helen!!.. Believe it, or, don't!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!


Eegah!! said...

I guess a TRAUMA is just not as exciting as a SHOCK, a PSYCHO, a MANIAC, a MONSTER, a SEIZURE, or an IMPULSE!!

TABONGA! said...

Go figure!

Greg Goodsell said...

This looks like one of those so-called "mysteries" where it's blatantly obvious who the killer is.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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