Saturday, March 28, 2020

MUSICAL MUTINY - "Iron Butterfly, Fantasy, The Grit" (1970)

I've got a Psychedelic Saturday Night Special for you that you can thank Tom Moody for. It was Tom's comment that he left on "Pagan Island" that clued me into this happening little flick from 1970 called "Musical Mutiny." "Musical Mutiny" was another one of  Bakersfiel Barry Mahon's wonderful ideas, and is really not much more than a long musical video with a tiny lame story to try and tie it all together, but it's not what it's about, it's who it's about!

The star of the show is the Southern California classic psychedelic band call Iron Butterfly. Why they insist on calling them 'The' Iron Butterfly is anybody's guess!

One of the other acts in the movie are a fairly interesting band called Fantasy that was from Florida, and had kind of a Big Brother and the Holding Company thing going on.

 According to the Prog Archives website,
"the band was fronted by a Billy Robbins, and one day, he went missing, and eventually was found dead." Billy Robbins was replaced by a 16 year old Jamene Miller that you will see in the movie. Jamene died in 2008 at the age of 55.

As far as I can tell, Fantasy only put out this one album, and you can get a copy on Discogs for about $13.00 including postage!

It's pretty hard to find out anything about The New Society Band these days, but it looks like at least one member still performs as Rockin' Ron and the New Society Band today.

Likewise about the band called The Grit who perform their song on a merry go round!

Leave it to Barry to come up with "A Fabulous Musical Smogasboard" like this.
(For the record, the proper spelling of the word is Smörgasbord.) Maybe Barry thought it was a cross between a musical buffet and a surfboard!

Nothing worse than a bunch of bored hippies!

"It's a "Musical Mutiny!"

And it's all happening at "Pirate's World" in Dania, Florida!

 This is about the weirdest ride I've ever seen!
A Horseacoaster I guess!

This is what passed for entertainment before rock and roll came along.

The few minutes of a story line will make you wish Barry had picked out another song for somebody to perform, or found another group!

"Pirate's World" was a 100 acre amusement park that opened in 1967, and everybody thought it was pretty cool until Walt Disney World opened in 1971. After that they declared bankruptcy in 1973, and were completely out of business by 1975.

Here's another shot of The New Society Band.

 Here's a pretty good shot of lead singer Doug Ingle of Iron Butterfly!
You can watch just their performance of "Soul Experience" which is one of my favourite songs on the always amazing Internet Archive!

"Musical Mutiny" is only 74 minutes long, and the last seventeen minutes and five seconds is Iron Butterfly doing the full version of  "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida."
Hit It!

 This crowd could have just as easily been at a Sea World show!

So, thanks Tom, and for the rest of you, the best part is that this whole movie streams on YouTube for absolutely nothing, so stay home and watch it! You might feel better about the world for a couple of minutes!!


Tom Moody said...

That "horseacoaster" is nuts and looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
I like how in the movie all "the kids" instantly know where and what a "mutiny" is.
I also really like "Soul Experience" and for years thought I was the only one, until I saw that R. Stevie Moore did a cover version.
I'm also glad to find a site that appreciates Barry Mahon -- I've just scratched the surface of his work but think there is brilliance in his "bad" moviemaking style. When I commented on Pagan Island I didn't realize you guys had covered him years ago!

EEGAH!! said...

Oh, Year! "The Dead One" has been on our top "25 Worst Movies" list since High School.

MDG14450 said...

Never realized Iron Butterfly played Ventures model Mosrites!

Tom Moody said...

Oh no, a bunch of your screenshots disappeared. I hope you can replace them!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanks Tom! I fixed it now. Last week I reduced the size of some of the pics on the sidebar on my cassette blog, and it jacked up this one and at least one more here, and another on the other blog. I don't often go back and look at stuff, so it went unnoticed until you let us know, Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Me gusto mucho ese grupo The Grit. Lamentablemente no pude encontrar nada de información sobre el grupo.

EEGAH!! said...

Gracias, and Bueno Suerte, because I sure couldn't find out anything either!

Victor said...

Horsecoaster had to be a lot of fun.

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