Friday, March 13, 2020

PAGAN ISLAND / A Secret Island Ruled by Nature's Own Exotic Young Maidens! - 1961

Here's a wild tale about the survivor of a shipwreck who finds himself on an island populated only by scantily clad native girls. This was on a Something Weird double feature with THE FIEND OF DOPE ISLAND, which I reviewed recently.

It stars Eddie Dew as the shipwrecked William Stanton. Eddie ended up with 104 acting credits from 1936 to 1969. Some of the movies he appeared in are THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1939), MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR SATAN, CITIZEN kANE, THE FALCON TAKES OVER, CAT PEOPLE, SUNSET BLVD. and THEM!. The rest of the cast are basically nobodies with only one acting credit, just a bunch of cute girls with nice boobs that had nothing else to do!

The story starts with William and his native girl friend in a life raft on the ocean, a passing ship sees them and picks them up...

The Captain and the first mate tend to William and want to know what him and the girl were doing in the raft. After he has recovered a bit, William tells them what has happened...

He says that his ship went down and he escaped on a life raft only to end up on the shore of some island. As he explores the place, he comes across three native women he communicates with, and learns that there are no other men on the island, just him!..

The girls take him to their village where he's given a hut to stay in. The women are unsure of what to do with having a man on the island.

I guess the highlight of the movie, besides the obvious, is this giant wooden tiki god! Anyway, the girls love to dance around the monster, and, we love watching them trip the light fantastic!

Back at his hut after the festivities, William, drunk, simply cannot believe his freaking good luck, man oh man, is this what heaven feels like?..

Like I said, the girls can't figure out what they want to do with William. When a girl tells him that men in a canoe are coming their way, he tells her to cut him down so that he can get his gun! And she does.

These guys from a neighboring island show up, and you can figure out why they're there. Well, William guns them all down with his pistol, all of them!

Well, William has fallen for one of the girls, and, she looks great there dancing with that big old wooden monster...

William gets greedy when he finds some underwater caves that have a hidden treasure buried there. His girl helps him recover some of the gems in a chest.

But when they take the raft away from the island, they are lost and can only hope for a ship to come by. Thing is, his girl has died and the treasure is lost. So, a perfect tale for Friday the 13th, basically the ides of March! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will try and satisfy our need for the wild and the weird!


K said...

I can't help but think that the maker of this film found or was given the wooden "Tiki God" monster thing, and said, "I gotta use this thing somehow! Maybe I should come up with a silly movie to work around it!" And so it goes...

Tom Moody said...

Directed by the legendary Barry Mahon, well known on YouTube for his version of Thumbelina and his "documentary" Musical Mutiny, featuring the Iron Butterfly, both filmed at the Pirate's World amusement park in Florida!

EEGAH!! said...

I'm surprised Tabonga didn't mention it was directed by Bakersfield Barry Mahon of "The Dead One" fame and fortune. Thanks for taking up his slack Tom!

TABONGA! said...

Oh boy, where was I when I did this post, anyway?!

So sorry Barry! I like this flick even better now!..

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