Wednesday, November 8, 2017

BOOK REVUE - Bob Clampett (1946)

 Time for another Wacky Cartoon Wednesday in The Dungeon!
"Book Revue" is a Daffy Duck cartoon that escaped in 1946 from the mind of one of the all-time great cartoon directors Mr. Robert Clampett! Bob Clampett was also the creator of one of my favourite cartoon shows, "Beany and Cecil!" Bob Clampett has been an inspiration to people for years, and proof positive is that he was the inspiration for the AC/DC song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!" There was a character on the "Beany and Cecil" show named Dishonest John, and his calling card was "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Holidays, Sundays, and Special Rates."

 I always liked these literary character style cartoons!

Books come to life and musicians like Harry James and Benny Goodman become caricatures! It's kind of a lot of baloney but shouldn't be confused with charcuterie!

So, you really think all the current Hollywood sexual shenanigans are something new?

 This stuff has been going on forever! Hubba, Hubba!!

This portrait of Frank Sinatra seems to go beyond parody and more like downright borderline insulting!

Maybe Bob wasn't getting as much as Frank!

Taking it to another level with the swoon dive!

Even Mother Goose is gone for Frankie boy!

One of history's all time great drummers Gene Krupa gets a treatment!

This is a two part story, in the second half Daffy Duck as a hipster recreates the story of "Little Red Riding Hood!"

These two great shots of Daffy trying to tell Red that there's a wolf in the house are just bizarre!

So for all his criminal activities, the wolf gets sentenced to Life, a gag that if you're under 30, you probably don't get!
 I think I've finally figured it out, when we have no sense of history, people are nothing more than zombies! Think about it!


TABONGA! said...

Robert Clampett and his writer Warren Foster did some mind bending stories including this one! RC is my favorite cartoon director, love Beany and Cecil. My favorite cartoon writer is Michael Maltese, who was Chuck Jones' writer. I wish I could show the stuff he did, the freakin' funniest, best WB cartoons! Read the book "Termite Terrace" for some early WB cartoon history, funny as Hell!

Anonymous said...

I had a friend (RIP) who had tattoos of Beany and Cecil on one arm, and the Blaisdell She-Creature on the other...

EEGAH!! said...

Your friend must have been one of the coolest people on the planet!!

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