Monday, January 26, 2015

LAS MOMIAS DE SAN ÁNGEL / Producciones Fílmicas Agrasánchez S.A. - 1975

It's Back To Work Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Here's a wild and crazy flick from south of the border, our wrestling pals Mil Máscaras & Tinieblas not only have to fight another masked wrestler and his gang of thugs, they also have to take on a pack of mean old mummies controlled by a nutzoid old coot with mystical powers. By the way, that is my very cool poster used here, it's a super-sized lobby card.

Here's a little sound clip from this action packed Mexican flick, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our deep mummy pit, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's... LAS MOMIAS DE SAN ÁNGEL!

San Ángel is a neighborhood in Mexico City.

The movie starts with a wrestling match where big guy Mil Máscaras wins yet another match.

I like this photo showing that they shaved the rock cliff here to allow for a highway!

Might as well also show this great looking red Chevy Corvair ready to hit the road.

Here's the leader of the mummies, he has a room full of them that he can command through the use of spells he has at his disposal.

The movie also stars the great Lorena Velázquez, she was in a ton of Mexican Monster Movies like THE SHIP OF MONSTERS, SANTO CONTRA LOS ZOMBIES, SANTO vs. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN, WRESTLING WOMEN vs. THE AZTEC MUMMY and PLANET OF THE INVADING WOMEN.

There's lots of rough and tumble action, and, not just in the ring... ¡Híjole!

This is The Black Mask, he has a bone to pick with Mil. He sends out his henchmen to kill him and his pals, but...

He ends up being strangled and drowned by our muscular hero!.. Viva Mil Máscaras!!!

The old dude sends out his mummies yet again so the townspeople grab their torches, they're ready for an old fashioned monster rumble!

Woopsie!!.. Dude, those mummies are damn strong!!

The old mummy master is strong as Hell too, he pummels Mil from pillar to post until...

Mil grabs a torch and ends the nightmare! This is a fun little flick, in Spanish only but worth it for anyone who likes the old Mexican Monster Movies.

We're back again on Wednesday with more goods to satisfy your Dungeon addiction!

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Grant said...

There was, or is, a very good site called THE WONDER WORLD OF K. GORDON MURRAY, which had ridiculously (and I mean "ridiculously" in a GOOD way)thorough descriptions of these Mexican films, both the original Spanish versions and the Murray dubbed versions. I can't find it anymore, but your site and others are a nice substitute.

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