Saturday, November 24, 2012


Sometimes when you think it just can't get any weirder, all of a sudden it does, and just like going to dinner after a funeral, and everybody gets food poisoning, tonight's Super Duper Saturday Night Special is a number one candidate in the 'Who'd of Thunk?' Department, and to be honest with you, I still haven't quite figured it out, but it does exist, so here you go! Brought to you once again via "The Trash Palace" it's my honor to present to you "Jack The Giant Killer - The Musical!"

This was the original title card, and as you can well see, it was changed, so as not to be so austere, and to make the whole thing look a lot brighter and happier! If you would like to see Tabonga's review from a couple of months ago of the original "Jack The Giant Killer," you can find it right HERE!!!

So just what the F is "Jack The Giant Killer - The Musical?" Well, it's the same movie as the 1962 feature "Jack The Giant Killer," except with one difference, in a minimum of six key places, the dialogue and whatever original music there was, has been mixed in or replaced with real Broadway musical style songs by the producer Edward Small. Here, let me give you an example!

In the original movie, it's the Princess's birthday, and THIS is how the local denizens react!

BUT, in the musical version, The People Are Quite A Bit More Festive, much more on the scale of a Disney cartoon!

It's a great scene when Walter Burke as Garna comes flying into the room to tell Torin Thatcher as Pendragon that the monster has been defeated by the young farmer named Jack as you will hear in this short Audio Clip! Suddenly a great film seems almost stagnant when you compare that scene to..... it all goes down in the musical version with "We Have Failed, Master, We have Failed!"

There's so much more, but I can't do it all in one setting by any means, so I'll leave you with this little ditty from the final climactic fight scene between Jack and the dragon himself! Here's just a small taste of what it sounds like the regular super melodramatic way!!

And here's what the souped up version  sounds like with the Leprechaun cheering Jack on to victory with "C'mon Jack,You Can Do It"

Maybe if enough people ask I'll do a sequel someday that will include the theme song, the love song, and a number I call "The Spectacular Spectacle!" All in all, it's pretty much just the way Brian Horrorwitz described it to me, the original is a right fine film, but it just seems flat after you've seen and heard the musical version! I could think of a lot more movies that could use a treatment like this!!!


Randall Landers said...

This movie was barely tolerable without the musical elements. I'm not sure I could stomach it with the singing leprechaun.

Lacey said...

I am very familiar with this movie, having seen it countless times, Saturday afternnons on local stations. But this is the first time I have ever heard of a musical version of it.

Thanks for the information.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

It was fun, and we can thank Brian, because I don't think I'd of ever come across it on my own!

Kev D. said...

This movie would be better if Jack was a Giant that kills people, or if he kills so many people that they call him a "giant" killer... as opposed to being someone who ONLY kills "Giants".

False advertsing if you ask me...

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