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CAPTAIN CLEGG - Don Banks - "Night Creatures" (1961)

"Captain Clegg" was the original name of this film, but I've always only known it as "Night Creatures," which you have to admit, has a better ring to it!

The most unusual thing about this 1962 Hammer release is despite the way it looks, it's not a horror tale by any means at all! Good damn pirate movie, but not a horror film!

Captain Clegg has the title role, but for me, Milton Reid as The Mulatto is the real star, and this film would be pretty boring without his part! As much as it looks like a "Three Stooges" episode, it's really not very funny, because he's just had his tongue removed for raping the Captain's wife, which was not a very smart move!

Captain Clegg gives his Mulatto friend a free, all expenses paid trip to the Caribbean.

Looks a lot like that Crystal Skull full of vodka staring at me from that shelf over yonder!

People would go to any lengths to get their booze back in the day!! These are the ghostly creatures that haunt Romney Marsh after dark! Kinda sounds like the possible future of Washington AC/DC!

"Night Creatures" is an elegant atmospheric flick that would appeal to anybody who likes a good-lookin' swashbucklin' adventure! The musical score is by Hammer workhorse Don (PANIC, NIGHTMARE, HYSTERIA) Banks in one of his earliest outings!

The former evil Captain Clegg has retired anonymously and come back as the good Reverend Doctor Blyss, the most respected preacher in the land! The role is filled by the all-time great, Peter (Dr. Who, Baron Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing) Cushing!!

Any movie with Oliver (These Are The Damned, Paranoiac, Girl-Getters) Reed in it is usually worth watching, and "Night Creatures" is no exception! It really looks like the two of them got skewered through the head like some kind of Sub-Genius Shish-Ka-Bobs!

Here's what I wrote about Milton Reid in a previous post, and it's still pertinent today, "Just like all our favourite characters, Milton was also a professional wrassler! He started in 1952 as Jungle Boy, and as his career progressed, he became best known as The Mighty Chang! After his career fell apart, Milton went to India to act, and sometime in the late 80's, he mysteriously disappeared, and they still haven't figured out what happened to him!" Milton was in some great films like "Dr. No," "Blood Of The Vampire," "Panic," "Berserk," and "Terror!"

This shot pretty much portrays the definition of ribald!

Just like peaches and herbs, things really heat up when olde friends are reunited once again! Looks like somebody's going to get hurt!

There is such an abundance of talent in "Night Creatures" that I have purposely left out pictures of Yvonne (Curse Of The Werewolf) Romain as Imogene the serving wench, and Patrick (The Body Stealers) Allen as Captain Collier, and decided to focus more on the ethereal elements contained therein!

Another brilliant workhorse that probably doesn't get near enough credit was Cinematographer Arthur Grant, who worked on Hammer films from "Terror Of The Tongs" in 1961 to "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb" in 1971, with stops for at least 13 other Hammer classics in between!

Having a wrasslin' background makes Milton Reid a difficult opponent to pin, and so he comes back to challenge Captain Clegg for the final fall!

Michael (Girly, Moon Zero Two, X: The Unknown) Ripper as the coffinmaker Jeremiah Mipps has the last say! Freakin' KA-BLAM!! Now that's how they used to deal with stuff in the good olde days!!

When some lazy minded fool with nothing else to do tells you that they don't like old movies, grab a copy of "Night Creatures" and you just might be able to widen their narrow mind! Imagine that, Milton Reid didn't even get poster credits!

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Douglas McEwan said...

Good movie. Disney's "Scarecrow of Romney Marsh" is based on the same stories.

Of course, Milton Reid was in Doctor Phibes Rises Again.

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