Monday, September 20, 2010


The message of this special episode was serious stuff to us kids back in the fifties, so, I guess things have changed a bit.

George Reeves is the only Superman/Clark Kent as far as we're concerned, here at The Dungeon...

The awesome Mr. Leon Klatzkin, besides composing Superman's theme, wrote music for 104 episodes of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and tons of other TV work. He also composed for TV series INNER SANCTUM, LIGHTS OUT, MR. WALKIE TALKIE, CAPTAIN SCARFACE, TWO-GUN LADY, THE GERALD MCBOING-BOING SHOW, THE VEIL and for the movie GO, JOHNNY, GO!

It's time to bring in our lil' Dungeon helper pal, Rufus The Gnat, to present today's Eariffic Earclip! In order to do that, he'll be pushing that big red 'GO' button over there in the direction of 'down!' Alright Rufus, do yer thang!!.. STAMP DAY FOR SUPERMAN!

After watching puppies in the window with Lois, Clark runs to change into Superman and nabs one of the robbers before he gets away.

Now, Lois and Clark have to stand in front of this wall of US Saving Stamps posters.

That's Tristram Coffin as Principal Garwood, Tristram was in 13 movies in 1940 alone!!

The Chief, Perry White, gets a threatening call from Blinky, the robber who got away! Love those fifties hoodlum names, my favorite being "Squeamy Ellis" from INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN!

Being tied up in the fifties was kinda fun, too.

...I don't know, an angel?

Hi, is this The Dungeon?.. Yeah, hey, I was wondering... Do you guys sell mouse knuckles?!

Here I come to save the day! It means that... Wait, I'm not Mighty Mouse!! Looks like Superman gots a pitch and yaw problem!

Boy, what they used to get away with!

You shouldn't hadda oughta gone an' done that, Blinky!.. You shouldn't hadda oughta gone an' done that!

Look at Lois, she enjoying it!

Blinky ends up a big dumbell, what a maroon!!

So, c'mon everbloody, buy some Savings Stamps for Superman, I get a commission!


Christopher said...

lmao..I'd never seen in detail ,the dynamics of the Wall Break-in!

R.A.M.'67 said...

How happy I was when Warner included this on the second AOS box set! On the flipside, there are no credits on it; you'd think they add on new credits after the short was over!

Still, a lot of fun!

Lacey said...


You mean there was a time when Hollywood SUPPORTED good causes in America???

Why I never.

(Actually, I got in on the tail end of the "Savings Stamps" thing and actually saved enough for a Bond.

Thanks for the memories.

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