Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SANTO CONTRA CAPULINA / Mexico - 1969 / Music by Manuel Esperon

Feliz Cinco de Mayo ever'bloody!!!

So, here come SANTO y CAPULINA! Viva la Mexico!! Tonight is first time for weirdo Capulina here at el Dungeon. Capulina also was in CAPULINA SPEEDY GONZALES, CAPULINA CONTRA LOS VAMPIROS y CAPULINA CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS and do total of 70 flick!.. Arriba!

Mexico music god Manuel Esperon have 394 composing credit!!!!!! and SANTO CONTRA CAPULINA not even on his IMDb compose list!!!!!!!! Some a bip!! He start in 1938 and end in 1991! Like Tabonga say, he music god!!

Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie getting very close to big old red music 'GO' button. Now he putting out lil' leg and now it time for!.. THE SAINT + THE KNUCKLEHEAD!

Capulina go to work to guard warehouse and first thing he do?.. Go to bed, what else!

Of course, Santo come and beat bad guy up while Capulina have sweet dream!

Then, Santo go see chief of Police Crox Alvarado, aka Pinacate/El Ángel from AZTEC MOMIA Triolgy!

Capulina want to be like Santo, he see Santo mask in window so go inside store and mayhem follow shortly thereafter!

Ever'bloody think Santo all drunk or sumpin'...

Okay, break time!.. Here is gurl robot that Santo going to throw in pool and blow up!

Here is bad guy' bossman in wheelchair and head mad science dude who make people robot replica.

Santo have to fight robot dude and then he ask Capulina tough question.

Great pic!!

For some reason, they make Capulina duplicate!

Why they call flick SANTO CONTRA CAPULINA?!


Peppo the Clown said...

The man ion the wheelchair is none other than Carlos Agosti, a great villain of the mexican movies, who was the star of "The bloody Vampire", "El Vampiro sangriento". Capulina (Gaspar Henaine) was originally part of the comedy team Viruta and Capulina, but he took a good example from Lou Costello, and he abused his straight man (Viruta, Marco Antonio Campos)for years (psychologically and financially) until they separated. After that, Capulina kept making movies as a solo, and one movie was becoming worst that the previous one. Mind you, he has a bag of tricks and he knows how to use them, he is an effective comedian, but I think he could try harder...

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw Forrey..

Mercurius Aulicus said...

Gentlemen, I wondered whether you had seen this story where real life seems to be imitating art (or at least B movies) at http://www.wunderkabinett.co.uk/damndata/index.php?/archives/1780-Masked-wrestlers-declare-BVM-appearance-a-miracle.html

Reverend Frost said...


(which means : hope you're doing well my friends, it's been kinda busy in here, but don't worry, your site is still No.1 !!!!)

Cheers !
El Reverendo.

mazinger4 said...

Does anyone knows the name of the músic theme for this movie. I know it's written by Esperon, but cannot find the song name anywhere...help.

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