Friday, September 4, 2020

MR. HYDE / Dan Schies - Monster Kid Home Movies - 1973

Welp, here we go again, another Monster Kid Home Movie from the past. This time we have a cool little story where a stupid kid makes a monster cocktail that turns him into the notorious Mr.Hyde... Hey, great title, but, I had to make a title card for them.

This is what's his name, he drinks down his brew, glug, glug, glug...

Hory Clap, I don't feel so great. Gimme a few minutes here...

Low and behold, his effort paid off. He looks pretty scary, only, he's wearing a 'shock' mask he bought from Captain Company in the back of a Famous Monsters!

Whoa! The first thing he does is find his sister and chokes her out until she's dead!! The guy's a maniac, his little sister, kaput.

Then, he goes to the mall and attacks a bunch of people there before he escapes outside.

He pushes this kid down at the grammar school, and apparently he's dead!

This girl is telling her friend that there's a crazy person coming their way. The girl runs away and her friend is caught by Mr. Hyde and she goes down for the count.

Then, he pushes a kid off his bike, picks the bike up and brings it down hard on the little guy!!

Some little guy with a freakish wig shows up and pushes a stake into the crazed maniac...

Here comes the big one Elizabeth!!

As the boy watches, Mr. Hyde changes back to his regular self! And it's his friend.

Well, at least they made an ending card, of course it has a question mark. Will Mr. Hyde ever recover from being killed? We'll never know!! So like, we're back tomorrow with something special for you, here at The Dungeon!!..

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