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KILINK UÇAN ADAMA KARSI - "Kilink Vs The Flying Man" (1967)

Gidiyoruz Buradayay, Reçine Ve, and welcome to Saturday Night in 1960's Turkey, deep deep down in The Dungeon! I love these Kilink movies, as I am sure you will too!

 What's not to like? "Kilink Uçan Adama Karsi" aka "Kilink Vs The Flying Man" is 48 minutes of almost non-stop action! The editing is so choppy, you just have to wonder, and the movie is so short, I get the feeling that somebody who didn't speak Turkish did the editing, and since he couldn't understand anything, he cut out 90% of the dialogue, either that or the editor was just play Krazy! It really doesn't make much difference, the end result is the same!

 "Kilink Vs The Flying Man" is a sequel to "Kilink In Istanbul" released the same year!

 Kilink is an enigma, and the ladies really seem to dig him! Maybe it's that perpetual smile! I think he's got a little bit of that Charlie Manson charisma in him!!

 Kilink scares this young lady so bad, it sends her pigtails a twirling!!

 A Howard Kaylan of 'Flo and Eddie Turtles Fame' wannabe shows up to give this mere mortal a gift of what seems to be most of the powers of Superman! Where he got them from I have no idea! Probably found them in an alley somewhere!

 He's stronger than a building, can leap bullets in a single bound, he flies, and he's got a big freakin' S on his chest and belt! To me, he looks like a guy named Superbat!! Nope, it's the Flying Man!

 And when the hammer comes down, the Flying Man bursts on the scene, and................. he's not screwing around!!

The action is so fast and furious, it's difficult to get a good shot!

 I know, I know what you're thinking, but if you had forty-seven dollars and 97 cents, what kind of flying special effect could you come up with?

 When he's not loving women, Kilink likes to abduct and torture them! He is indeed quite an interesting character!! You know how it goes, some guys collect stamps..............

 Kilink is played by Irfan (SPY SMASHER) Atasoy who was also Kilink in the first movie!

 It's not real difficult to figure out who Kilink's men are!! They're just one K short of being a bunch of racists!

 Kilink's passion for the ladies is neverending, and you will never stop wondering how they do all that making out with him having that mask on the whole time! All that spit, it's gotta smell bad inside that mask, but it doesn't stop them!

 This part cracked me up! Just like any other normal movie, after a rollicking night of lovemaking, Kilink has to get dressed (except I don't think he ever got undressed, which is even weirder than the kissing) and give his sweetheart a little caress before he's on his way back to the office!

Kilink and his two blonde girlfriends are members of some kind of swinger's club! Actually, I don't think he's just a lowly member, Kilink is the President of the swinger's club!  At this point you might want to ask yourself, just what in the Hell is going on here anyway??

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Flying Man is kicking ass, and not taking names or numbers!

 Was there anything such as too much fun in 1967 Turkey? Without hesitation, I say not!!
On a WTF?! Scale from 1 to 10, "Kilink Uçan Adama Karsi" gets a freakin' 13! Here's a minute and a half of sound that sounds like it was recorded on the streets of Istanbul with a Wollensak T1500 reel to reel with a microphone dangling off a balcony! Enjoy! All that's missing is the sound of chickens in heat!

 Right before this scene, I got a big belly laff!! Kilink and his girls and their swingin' buddies were having a great time, and Flying Man just literally bursts on the scene and starts kicking ass! I just couldn't get a good still, but trust me, it's hilarious in any language!! So that being said, Kilink turns his newly patented death ray on Flying Man as the girls gaze on in wonder!

 Kilink shows his weak side, when he decides to flee thinking it's the end for Flying Man for sure, but, Jeez, he's flying man, no stupid death ray is going to stop him, might slow him down a little, but that's about it! Hence, the pursuit continues!!

It's at this point that I have to ask you, how can you possibly go wrong, when you can


Grant said...

The only one of these film I know genuinely well (even though I've heard so much about the others) is KILINK SOY VE OLDUR / KILINK: STRIP AND KILL. It's an unusual departure from the rest because (probably inspired by the Bond craze) it's a spy movie that makes him the hero instead of the villain, but at the same time doesn't take away any of his ruthlessness! Instead of killing innocent men he kills enemy spies, and instead of innocent women he kills all their molls!
So it's a film that manages to have it both ways.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Grant! "KILINK SOY VE OLDUR / KILINK: STRIP AND KILL" is on our to do list and will be coming up sooner or later!

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