Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A HAUNTING WE WILL GO - "Daffy Duck and Witch Hazel" (1966)

As a kid, I had no concept of space and time, so I had no idea the Popeye cartoons, and the Three Stooges episodes I saw on TV were made in the 30's, and I wasn't ready for it when cartoons became this simply animated in the 60's, and it took me forever to figure out what happened!
Welcome to The Dungeon of confusion in this 2018 Halloween Countdown!

"A Haunting We Will Go" is a title that has been put to good use multiple times from 1939 to at least 2012. Besides this cartoon, there was a Laurel and Hardy comedy in 1942, and a Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon in 1949 just to mention a couple!

Daffy Duck's nephew like all kids on Halloween is going out trick or treating!

He winds up at Witch Hazel's  house.........

......and she scares the crap out of him!

So Daffy decides to go check it out for himself!

Hazel is busy cooking up a brew!

Out of all the ingredients, I think it's the glue that freaks me out the most!

Speedy Gonzales drops in to see if he can borrow some cheese!

Hazel is quite accommodating!

The cheese was dosed!! What a thing to do to Speedy!

Hazel's formula turns Speedy into an exact copy of herself!

Really imaginative ingredients!

Hazel decides to tale off to Hawaii on vacation and leave her Speedy duplicate behind to deal with things!

Speedy/Hazel makes up a potion for Daffy to drink!

And when Hazel gets back home, she has a big surprise!!

Speedy/Hazel has changed Daffy into this crazy mixed-up creature! Now Hazel has to change him back because among other things, she hasn't had any duck to eat in a while!  So, if you're hungry for more Halloween treats, come back on Friday to see what Tabonga has cooked up for you!

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